250,000…And One

Overnight, “Keeping An Eye On The Czar of Russia” passed 250,000 Views.


I am kinda pleased. This blog was set up four years ago and has now been seen on a quarter of a million occasions. But I have been blogging and/or posting on other message boards (notably Slugger O’Toole) for at least ten years.

Blogging can be empowering but a constant reminder of just how pathetic it all is. The title of this blog references the grandiose statement of the Editor of the Skibbereen Eagle. I daresay this morning there are thousands of bloggers who are typing out their opinions of Czar Putin’s air strikes on Syria.

Because thats what bloggers are. Rather pathetic individuals who think our opinions actually matter. We are all keeping an eye on the Czar of Russia or Jeremy Corbyn or Donald Trump.

I dont really know what cyber-archaeologists will make of the ramblings of Mick Fealty, Jamie Bryson or FitzjamesHorse. Not a lot, if they have any sense.

I certainly did not take blogging seriously in 2011. The whole concept of “citizen journalists” is rendered risible by bloggers making exaggerated claims for its value. It works best when it is just a bit of craic.

The odd thing is that Blogs are not made serious because of the author. The readers make a Blog…I did not seek Gravitas. I had Gravitas thrust upon me. And in a way a Blogger has to be respectful of the compliment that readers pay the Blog by reading or commenting.

And the greatest compliment was getting to Texas to explain my thinking to post-grad students.

I have certainly lost some enthusiasm. What can any Blogger say about a dead child washed up on  a beach in Turkey? What can really be said about Donald Trump? Or DUP ministers? Or the failure of the Good Friday Agreement? Or NAMA? Or the hangers on hoping for an appointment to a local Quango? We have more unaccountable fixers than we have accountable politicians.

It is all a Silent Scream.

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6 Responses to 250,000…And One

  1. hoboroad says:

    371,000+ Bangordub’s blog
    Almost 130,000 Hoboroads Political Highway
    250,000 Keeping an eye on the Tsar of Russia
    Anybody got the figures for Jude Collins?

  2. Keep up the good work John, love reading this blog- Donal

  3. I’m not as cynical as your good self about the whole blogging thing, but yeah, pretty much a lone voice shouting in the wilderness. The opinions of even the most popular of bloggers will never compete with those of even the most average of newspaper columnists, notwithstanding the dawn of the new media. There’s just a quantitative difference that is almost impossible to bridge. Especially in Ireland. It won’t always be like that, as people go more and more “niche” in terms of their sources of information, but that is years – decades? – away. This is my guide to blogging 😉

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