Constituency Offices…#24 Dominic Bradley MLA

image Dominic Bradley, SDLP MLA for Newry-Armagh has an office (previously featured) in Armagh and this one at Trevor Hill in Newry. This is comparatively new, the office ised to be near The Quays Shopping Centre.
Dominic is one of the most high profile Irish language speakers in the Assembly. Note the signage.
It is always good when a politician is supportive of causes beyond narrow party politics and Dominic Bradley is ,well known for his work on behalf of parents whos children are autistic.
A lot of optimism around SDLP in this constituency. Justin McNulty made Sinn Féin’s Mickey Brady at the Westminster election, earlier this year and the contest would have been a lot closer if Sinn Féin had not relied on the threat of Danny Kennedy of UUP winning the seat on the basis of a “split” nationalist vote.
This makes the upcoming Assembly election very interesting.
Thanks to Sarah for the welcome.

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