Westminster Election 2015: North Antrim

The Result:


It is Paisley Country. But it feels strange referring to the son of Rev Ian Paisley without adding “Junior”. Ian Paisley has a job for life. But I have to say that North Antrim was the constituency that seemed most apathetic to the Westminster Election.

The only posters I saw in Ballymena and Ballymoney last week were DUP and TUV so no surprise that Timothy Gaston was runner up to Paisley. North Antrim, of course is also “Jim Allister” country. A safe quot, without Allister on the ballot paper…TUV might be tempted to run two candidates next year. But of course that carries the risk of Allister losing out.

UUP…this was a poor performance and Robin Swann will be just a little concerned.

Daithí McKay and Sinn Féin will be happy enough.

This is a poor result for SDLP. Of course there are straws to clutch. Westminster Apathy. But my own view is that Declan O’Loan was maybe the wrong candidate…for 2015. And might be even more wrong for 2016. Ballycastle-based Donal Cunningham deserves a bigger platform.

A fairly decent performance for Alliance. Transfers might see Swann elected next year.

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