Poster Boys & Girls…#31 Naomi Long (Alliance)

27th April.


Mountpottinger Road, Belfast. Naomi Long, outgoing Alliance MP for East Belfast. The “Ginga Ninja” was elected in a perfect storm in 2010. Unionism was divided. DUP was sufferiing from the Iris Robinson scandal and she picked up some votes from the small number of nationalists in the constituency.

Ms Long is fighting hard to retain the seat. Certainly aided by Slugger O’Toole and the broader LetsGetAlongerist community. If she is defeated, I dont expect her to stop fighting. I would think it would to some damaging in-fighting in Alliance. And set up interesting selection conventions in two or three constituencies.

Malachi O’Doherty has already mentioned the jewelery in his poorly received “Belfast Telegraph” article. Certainly the bling is hard to miss. But just as interesting is the twin cranes from Belfast Shipyard. No doubt this is intended to emphasise her “I’m just an ordinary wee girl from Dee Street” appeal.

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4 Responses to Poster Boys & Girls…#31 Naomi Long (Alliance)

  1. If (when) she is defeated I fully expect her to become Lady Long within a year or so. The House of Lords is the British award for the right sort of Irish with the right sort of politics. And sure why not? 😉

    • That could happen but not yet.
      She is too ambitious to just sit in the Lords.
      If she loses, I am sure the knives will be out in Alliance Party.
      To some extent being a MP is not as important as it was. The Salary is better but theres no “power”.
      After 2016, there will be fewer ministeries and Alliance will only have one.
      Some MLAs will stand down but only Lo is on record as saying so. Alliance will have generational problems.
      If she is defeated…I expect the Ginga Ninja to become the Ginga Whinja.
      Ford will go.
      And it could all turn very nasty….Farry or Long.

  2. Sammy Mc Nally says:

    She is in my book the right sort of Irish woman and the right sort of Unionist – reasonable, has balls, prepared to stand her ground and also prepared to compromise – if there is as any negative fallout from her not getting re-elected then this would just be a bit silly.

    Gwan ye girl ye.

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