Breaking News: Woman Has Baby!

Thank GOD I am a Republican.

So a baby girl is born …a princess…no less. Just in time for so-called journalists to fill the Sunday papers with complete and utter shite. I think I will stay in bed all day as the TV News will be shite. No doubt Kay Burley will be out chatting to the crowds outside the hospital.

It really is pathetic. Monarchy disgusts me. “The Royal Family” disgust me more. The Journalists who actually report this stuff disgust me even more. But I reserve special contempt for the well-wishers …the “ordinary” people who will be outside the hospital, screaming their love and loyalty for this shower of scroungers.

Women are having babies in refugee camps in Syria and in hospitals in Gaza that have been bombed by Israel.

Kate Middleton is priveleged. Her only claim to fame is that her sister has a nice arse.

Obviously, I wish the happy couple well. And I hope they call the baby, Saoirse.

This is England at its worst.

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