Poster Boys & Girls…#20 Máirtín Ó Muilleoir (Sinn Féin)

25th April.


The corner of Hamilton Street and Joy Street in the Markets area of Belfast and just a few metres from the plaque commemorating “Official IRA” captain, Joe McCann who was killed in a gun battle with British Army. Máirtín Ó Muilleoir is Sinn Féin candidate for South Belfast.

Máirtin is a fairly recent call up  (or recall) to Sinn Féin electoral ranks. He seemed to be happy enough in his role as a media “tycoon” but seemed to be drafted into Belfast City Council, specifically to be Mayor of Belfast in 2013-14.

There is no doubt that he was a success. He used Twitter extensively. And courted the Belfast “cultural and creative” crowd. Actually I found his use of Twitter (he used the name “newbelfast) to be risible. A triumph of Image over Substance. Yet he is the Acceptable Face of Sinn Féin to many in the Metrotextual World of the Norn Iron Bloggery.

A Declaration of Interest. Máirtín bought be a coca cola at last month’s Slugger O’Toole Tweet-Up.

O’Muilleoir was co-opted into the Sinn Féin Assembly Party last year due to the illness of SF’s Sue Ramsey.

He is certainly good in media terms…some would say he is a shameless self-publicist. But he has a tendency to describe himself as the “poll topper” in Balmoral DEA last year. He was indeed by a single vote from Claire Hanna (SDLP) but somehow he omits to mention he was the sole Sinn Féin candidate and he did Not outvote the two SDLP candidates.

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8 Responses to Poster Boys & Girls…#20 Máirtín Ó Muilleoir (Sinn Féin)

  1. kathy poster says:

    Of the two I think Sue Ramsey had a lot going for her, quite a sincere person and a lot less of the superficial showmanship and bland meaningless statements that are not more than puff pastry.

    • Certainly Sue Ramsey seemed to have a lot of respect around the Assembly.
      Is she in any way diminished by the Mairia Cahill business?
      Perhaps I am being too harsh but to some extent all Sinn Féin women seem less credible.

  2. roddy says:

    Mairtin is hoovering up votes.He may not win but one thing for sure Alisdair is a beaten docket.

    • Well we will know in eleven days time, wont we Roddy?

    • boondock says:

      Great so the people of South Belfast will get er Jonathan Bell a well known Caleb supporter er no thanks. I am no fan of the Dr and in a STV election if given the option of one or the other would vote Mairtin but MoM has no hope here in FPTP. Plenty of rumours doing the rounds regarding this constituency true or not I do not know but unless there are any major develpments between now and the election this should be a comfortable enough win for SDLP

  3. roddy says:

    I’ll wager you a tenner John that McDonnell will lose his seat. The bet loser to pay the tenner to the others nominated charity !

  4. roddy says:

    No,i’ll say I dont want my winnings but then I’ll sneak back 10 minutes later and lift them when nobody’s looking!

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