David Cameron Fails His History Test

Oh dear. Did you spot the horrible history mistake that David Cameron made yesterday.

Seemingly he wont be doing deals with the Scottish Nationalist Party because it is unprecedented for nationalist parties to have influence in the politics of the “United Kingdom”.

But he is wrong. In the late 19th century, Irish Nationalist Party were natural allies of the British Liberal Party. While the Liberals were partially sympathetic to Irish Home Rule, they did not want to lose Irish support in the Commons. The Conservatives were never sympathetic to the Irish.

Take a look at the 1885 General Election….Liberals 319 seats. Conservatives 247 seats. Irish 86 seats. The Liberals were relying on Irish support. It led to division within the Liberals over Home Rule and an Ellection just a year later.

1886 Election Results……Conservatives & Unionists 394 seats. Liberals 191 seats. Irish 85 seats.

The Irish Question would dominate British Politics until the Home Rule Bill was finally enacted before the First World War, the Easter Rising and the Anglo-Irish Treaty.

It is often said that the English remember nothing about History and the Irish forget nothing about History. I am pretty certain Nicola Sturgeon knows more about History than David Cameron.

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