Poster Boys & Girls…#12 Joe Boyle (SDLP)

14th April.


Regent Street, Newtownards, outside the Ulsterbus Station. Joe Boyle is the candidate for Strangford and is a councillor based in Portaferry on the tip of the Ards Peninsula. Newtownards is not a nationalist-friendly town so it is nice to see some SDLP posters.

Strangford is a SDLP target seat for the Assembly in 2016. There are nationalist areas but they are spread thru a heavily unionist constituency.

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2 Responses to Poster Boys & Girls…#12 Joe Boyle (SDLP)

  1. zig70 says:

    I do wonder sometimes. I can be shallow. Ruth Wilson in East Antrim, that is one bad haircut. I hope no money changed hands. Joe’s moustache, really? Do people with clipboards not check this kind of thing? Beards were in last year but the RUC look ended 14yrs ago. You can’t tell me this doesn’t matter, ask your daughters or nieces. and tell me I’m wrong?

  2. political tourist says:

    Must have been a massive sea change in Newtownards.
    At one time you’d have been risking your life putting up SDLP posters.

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