SDLP South Belfast Campaign Launched

Last night. Malone House Hotel, Belfast.

Alasdair McDonnell was in pretty good form officially launching the South Belfast Campaign.

image image


Fearghal McKinney MLA made a short speech (first pic) before Alasdair spoke. There is a good mood in SDLP these days.

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9 Responses to SDLP South Belfast Campaign Launched

  1. sammymcnally says:


    Haven’t been here in a while – what a prodigious output.

    Any chance you can put your (considerable) reputation on the line and predict the outcome – by party %?

    Surely the most bizarre(i.e. non-Norn-Iron like) constituency where a seat can go to ‘ussuns’ when ‘themmuns'(I’m including non religious themmuns here) are in a majority.

    • Mark Battleday says:

      Alasdair has built up a wide coalition of voters here, Sammy.

      • sammymcnally says:


        re. ‘Alasdair’. He is to be commended for that.

        SB surely also underlines the differences in how the ‘National’ question is perceived as less important by the more well off social economic groups(class).

        What was a shock last time out (at least for me) was that the good people of EB moved away from the ‘hardline’ Unionist DUP to the ‘Unionist-lite’ Alliance. They will undoubtedly move back after the flag campaign – surely the most expensive ‘election campaign’ since the hunger strikes.


        Percentage Prediction by party?

      • Yes….bit of a lottery.

    • Nice to see you Sammy.
      I am keeping a lot of notes. And I am visiting every constituency. Obviously I am a SDLP member and thats where I have most access. The intention is to draft a lot of posts for publication between 10pm and midnight on Election night.

  2. As I’ve just tweeted, I get why the SDLP didn’t do a pact in S Belfast of FST but they really, really should have done one in N Belfast.

    There’s things that are widely available on the net about Dodds on this site, out of respect for John ( I know he would delete them anyway) but Nige os a character that needs defeated.

  3. Within a year or two, nigel will be leader. That’s just one reason to take him out.

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