Hillary Term?

I really want to like Hillary Clinton. She is after all a Democrat…which means she is a lot better than any of the assorted fruit cakes, neo cons and self-styled Christains in the Republican Party.

There does not seem to be a serious Democratic challenger to her. And thats a pity because she will become the nominee by default. No serious debate. No serious scrutiny.

In Europe, we prefer the Democrats. Mainly because they at least speak our political language. But I am not at ease with Money in Politics and I am not at ease with political dynasties.

While Democrats have the best wishes of Europe…with maybe a ratio in their favour of 80:20. The key figure in USA is 49:49 with maybe only 2% swing voters. At least that how it appears from my swivel chair in front of a computer screen.

As a call to arms…”Hillary Clinton…Not as Bad as a Republican” lacks something.

But in the absence of a better Democrat, I wish her well.

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4 Responses to Hillary Term?

  1. Niall says:

    Elizabeth Warren, if she would run, would be my choice.

    • Me too.There is something about the Clintons that I just dont like. I cNt understand the hero worship at all.

      • Niall says:

        Americans love political dynasties – Roosevelt, Kennedy, Bush, Clinton. I think it’s almost akin to royalty here. The US media are also obsessed with the happenings of the British royals, especially births and weddings, which I find very odd and annoying.

      • The Internet shows American Politics up for what it is.

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