Upper Class Twits Of The Year Fly Into Belfast

OK ….so I said that the British Conservative Party do not put up candidates in Norn Iron. And it turns out they are actually standing in SIXTEEN of the eighteen constituencies. Perhaps it would be churlish to point out that the two constituencies in which they are not standing….Fermanagh-South Tyrone and North Belfast…are the two where the DUP-UUP pact is most effective.

A cynic might say that this “pact” will be helpful to the Tories if they need DUP support to form a government after the Election.

But standing in sixteen seats is impressive, isnt it? A gesture of respect to Tory supporters in Norn Iron?

Well…not quite. ELEVEN of the Tories are being flown in from Conservative HQ in London. Some of them admit to never even visiting Norn Iron.

It is almost….offensive.

So if you are passing thru Aldergrove Airport and see eleven lost souls, who look like they belong in the Monty Python sketch “Upper Class Twit of the Year”…..say hello to your Conservative candidate.

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3 Responses to Upper Class Twits Of The Year Fly Into Belfast

  1. The British effectively admitted that “Northern Ireland” is not part of their nation by excluding northern regional parties from the national TV election debates in the UK so why are the Tories continuing with the pretence? The Northern Pale is simply the last enclave of the British colony in Ireland and they all know it. Flying in candidates from the mother country just adds to the colonial farce.

    • Totally detached.
      I daresay that for 11 Tories, its a case of doing missionary work in Norn Iron.
      In five years time, we might hear of one or two again if/when they get a safe seat.
      They can put this Norn Iron experience on their CV and it will impress some selection committee somewhere in the Home Counties.

  2. Political Tourist says:

    Eleven Tories visit the North just when 11 unionist MPs might come in handy in forming a government in London.

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