Je Suis Kenyan Christian Student

So …back in January…Islamist extremists murdered French cartoonists and journalists in Paris. The Victims had committed the grievous offence of insulting Islam. Let me be clear that I dont like being gratuitously offensive to anything that people hold dear. Yes the cartoonists had a right to offend and certainly there can be no excuse for mass murder.

In Belfast we had the spectacle of the Golden Halo of LetsGetAlongerists and our leading journalists and bloggers gathering at the City Hall. They had placards….”Je Suis Charlie”.


Islamist extremists are nasty. The mass murder of Kenyan students…mostly Christians was a worse crime than the murders in Paris. Both in terms of numbers and the Kenyan students had committed no real or imagined offence.

I am not aware of any plan to organise a protest at Belfast City Hall.

Why would the usual suspects who grab a placard and rush to City Hall to protest just about anything not get worked up about Kenya?

Well it cant be the “Christian” thing because many of the “Je Suis Charlie” protestors were Christians. It cant be a “Race” thing because many of the “Je Suis Charlie” protestors have protested anti-racism in Belfast.


Well possibly Kenya is more remote than France. Rather like a natural disaster in Western Europe gets more press coverage than a natural disaster in Southern Asia. After all…we dismiss suffering from Disease, Famine, Drought and War in the Third World.  Part of our “western” sense of Entitlement is that we should not suffer as the “Third World” suffers.

Of course Journalists and Bloggers have a highly advanced sense of Entitlement. Phone Hacking anyone? Bribing people in Public Office anyone? Yet curiously British Journalists who find colleagues in court feel their profession is a “victim”.


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3 Responses to Je Suis Kenyan Christian Student

  1. Completely agree John; that photo I have found to be incredibly disturbing and if I am being honest, I am someone who is usually completely desensitized to most things (not proud of that). The utter silence on this matter is terrifying.

    • FC….in some ways those who were motivated to do the placard thingwith “Je Suis Charlie” never thought it thru.
      The logic is that if you do it for secular minded journos and bloggers, you have to do it for everybody….including Kenyan Christians.
      We have a worse crime here….the silence is deafening.

      • I understand why they (the usual Golden Halo f***wits) did what they did over the Charlie Hebdo killings, and I too joined in, however, like you said, if done for one and you don’t do this for others then you come across as callous and just fashionable. Pretty disgusting…

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