Competition Time: Design A Paula Bradshaw 2020 Election Poster

Now that your children and grandchildren are at home for Easter and the weather is not too good, you may wish to encourage them to take part in my Blue Peter-style “Design a Paula Bradshaw 2020 Election Poster” competition.

Election posters are usually very traditional affairs but Ms Bradshaw is a revolutionary. Appearing on UUP-Tory posters as their South Belfast candidate in 2010. And appearing on Alliance Party posters in 2015.

So as your children and grandchildren design their posters for 2020, remember that the rules of the competition do not limit them to any one political party.

Good Luck.

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2 Responses to Competition Time: Design A Paula Bradshaw 2020 Election Poster

  1. boondock says:

    2020??? News just in that Paula will be standing for Eirigi in 2015. After careful consideration she thought the natural progression to SDLP and then SF was a waste of time and just to save her 15 years of hassle. ‘I am delighted to be working hard for a new Ulster, er Northern Ireland er new Ireland er new socialist 32 county Republic.
    Ian James who earlier today left the Green Party for Ni21 phoenix is also delighted.

    • I wonder what they did with the “old posters” from 2010 (Him and Hers matching UUP-Conservative posters) and if there are any 2009 Euro (Alliance) posters.
      Their garage must have more political memorabalia than the Linenhall Library.

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