Dog Crap….The Media Steps In

First of all, it is almost impossible to explain the word “defecate” to your grandchildren, without mentioning the word “shite”.

Anyway, Newry Council has commissioned a commercial to highlight the anti-social problem of “dog fouling” in the city. The theme is that a dog owner is seen walking his dog and the man is seen to crap in the street. The tagline is that “you wouldnt crap in the street, why would you let your dog do it?”

Is it offensive? Well UTV News conduct interviews on the street. Is it offensive?

I suppose it is all a matter of perspective. Dog fouling IS a problem. And I should point out that FitzjamesDog never goes for a walk without his designated walker being fully equipped with a pooper scooper and plastic bag.

On the other hand, every “Twelfth” in July members of the Orange Order and their camp followers urinate and defecate along the route of their annual Belfast parade. It annoys the residents of Lisburn Road. It seems anti-social.

Perhaps a commercial should be made.

There is of course a difference. Dog Fouling is anti-social. But an Orange Order parade is traditional….and it’s….cultural.


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2 Responses to Dog Crap….The Media Steps In

  1. tennis elbow says:

    Are you having a laugh singling out the Orange Order on the week that we have had St. Patrick’s Day ‘festivities’ in Belfast.
    Parts of the city centre and South Belfast looked like a warzone, and yes there was enough piss, shite and boke to fill a couple of swimming pools.

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