The Sinn Féin Matching Socks And Balaclava Set

I dont suppose Sinn Féin do anything accidently.

So Gerry Adams eccentric tweets about his teddy bear are no accident. Nor is Gerry’s hobby of jumping up and down on a trampoline ….naked with his dog……an accident. But it could certainly lead to an embarrassing trip to the Accident and Emergency Department of a hospital in Dundalk or Drogheda. Gerry Adams is now officially a character. He is a National Treasure.

Sinn Féin had their annual Conference in Derry this weekend. It seemed a bit underwhelming. Gerry was welcomed to the podium  by Michelle Gildernew as “The Boss….wouldnt it be great if it was Bruce Springstein?” ….see he is a National Treasure.

The main talking point was….his socks. He was photographed…accidently, I suppose….wearing novelty socks. Little yellow ducks. I am reluctant to criticise. I have a wide range of novelty socks….thanks to my grandchildren. My wife and children have long stopped caring what I wear on my feet.

It could be a simple case that Gerry Adams was wearing a pair of novelty socks gifted to him by his granddaughter. And maybe he over-ruled an advisor “dont go to the podium wearing novelty socks, youre an international statesman” or anxious to capitalise on the “statesman and humanitarian” narrative of occasional West Belfast murals, did Gerry listen to an advisor who said “listen Gerry, wearing socks with little yellow ducks will highlight that you are a pretty cool guy”.

Does it really undermine Gerry Adams credibility if he makes a speech wearing novelty socks? Does it undermine the credibility of this Blog that I am…right now…wearing novelty socks? Well, perhaps but Gerry and I are National Treasures and can get away with it.

So let me be the first (?) to say…..”Sinn Fein Matching Socks and Balaclava Set”. Brilliant.

For Gerry is effectively being turned into Homer Simpson. If you are a fan you will recall the episode where Frank Grimes, a new efficient employee of the Springfield Power Plant exposes Homer’s laziness and stupidity, only to find that his friends and even his employer dont really care. Frank Grimes (or Miriam, Malachi, Mick,) complaining about Homer (Adams) to Carl and Lenny (the Electorate) and Mr Burns (Teresa Villiers) because they already know and they dont care.

Good old Homer. Good old Gerry. National Treasures.

Yet, Sinn Féin do seem to have a bigger problem than Gerry Adams’ socks. They purport to be the only all-Ireland Party. Which is all very well. But the Health Service, north and south is different. And Education. And Taxation. And critically Sinn Féin is in Opposition in the South and in Government in the North.

For years, in the North, they have been opposing the idea of imposing “British Tory Cuts”. But in the last few months, they have folded….they WILL impose the welfare cuts. They tell us it is a measure of their “responsibility” their bravery in “making tough choices”. Tough choices like announced cuts in John O’Dowds Education budget….but O’Dowd wont be giving us details until May or June…which is AFTER the Westminster Election and votes have been cast.

Gerry’s socks are a distraction.

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2 Responses to The Sinn Féin Matching Socks And Balaclava Set

  1. Caoimhín says:

    “For years, in the North, they have been opposing the idea of imposing “British Tory Cuts”. But in the last few months, they have folded….they WILL impose the welfare cuts. ”

    Doesn’t look like it now. This leaves the SDLP in the ha’penny place. They can back the Petition of Concern and fulfil their perennial role as bridesmaid not bride. Or they can refuse to back it at which point it will be THEY who are imposing welfare cuts they have so piously harumphed about for the last month.

    Popcorn at the ready. (Personally I hope the whole thing crashes Samson-and-the-Philistines style about their ears. Bring on Joint Authority)

  2. roddy says:

    I see Dolores Kelly is going to sort it all out – by “selling a forest”

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