Jihadi John

So the butcher has a name. Jihadi John is Mohammed Emwazi. He is 27 years old and from West London. Somehow, it is more shocking that he has a name and a face.

I do not think Greater England understands the full implications. There is a significant minority of British Muslims who are at hostile to British values. The average Briton cannot understand that a second or third generation British Muslim, who LOOKS westernised, would go off to the Middle East, prepared to kill fellow Britons in a gruesome way.

Nor can the average Briton understand how three teenage Muslim girls as westernised as any Chelsea fan with a teddy bear, can go off to the Middle East to either fight for ISIL or to be brides of ISIL warriors. ISIL are preaching an agenda which is anti-woman.

These girls have been “trafficked” out of London in much the same way that thousands of teenage girls have been “trafficked” into London. It is a concern. Whatever about their confused intentions, when they boarded the plane for Turkey, they are at this point in time “victims”At some future point, they might well come back to Gatwick airport, in two years…or five years….or ten years…and they will be “terrorists”.

Mohammed Emwazi and the three girls have very publicly repudiated British values. “British values” is one of those elastic terms. Hard to describe them. Likewise my own “Irish values” are nebulous. I dont suppose my “Irish values” are so much different from “British values”….or “Norwegian values” or “Norwegian values”. Crucially my sense of “decency”…and we all think we are “decent” ….dont include imperialism. And it seems to me that British values include either support for, indifference to or shame about the Imperial History and Imperial Legacy.

So the Establishment are confused about a Response. A new pressure group “Cage”, a human rights group exceeds its brief. It blames British Intelligence for radicalising Emwazi and turning him into a serial killer. There is no nuance. It is as crass as blaming Americans for 9/11. And yet these comments will find an audience in some British mosques.

It is a mess….there is no easy way out.

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4 Responses to Jihadi John

  1. zig70 says:

    It’s like a wanted poster from the wild west telling everyone who the enemy is. How do the Irish survive without these enemies that the British and Americans seem to enjoy so much? I think thoughtlessly entering co-ordinates in a drone station or shooting dots on a screen is colder than beheading someone. I’d prefer to take full responsibility for the life I took and the nightmares that would no doubt follow. Britain has to stop the crusades first before they can address British jihad-is. 20k civilians killed in Afghanistan by coalition forces, 114k civilians killed in the last Iraq war (IBC). Who are the monsters? My main news feed is the BBC and the propaganda on it turns me a bit. It acts like a communist state tv station at times with its pro-Royal and pro-Hero stance. The reaction to it for some will be to stand up and fight against what they see as evil.

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