Three Girls Go To Islamic State

It is surely a bizarre story that two sixteen year old girls and one fifteen year old from London, travel to Gatwick, board a plane to Turkey and are apparently making their way to Syria to become brides of ISIL fighters.

Seemingly these are three ordinary Muslim girls, “straight A students” at a decent school. Ordinary families and ordinary homes. Poster families for Multiculturalism.

Typically…such as the case last month of “home grown” French jihadists killing cartoonists in Paris…it is the “disenfranchised” youth in deprived areas in Europe, who are regarded as being at risk.

So these girls are intelligent girls but obviously lacking in common sense. Groomed on the Internet? Social Media always gets the blame. But it cant actually hypnotise people. More likely it seems like good old misplaced “hero worship” . Good Girls love Bad Boys. But ISIL is not the guys who chew gum at the back of the class. ISIL are not even a motor cycle gang with cool leather jackets. These are cold blooded killers.

Disturbingly, it appears these girls will become “brides of ISIL”…as the tabloids are putting it. ISIL has already shown that it uses Rape as a weapon of war. And of course the extreme Islamists advocate that women are subservient to men. This is depressing…it seems absurd that three intelligent young women (one below the legal age of consent) from London would fly off to ISIL Land.

It is of course a criminal offence to support or fight for ISIL. There is a window of opportunity before they become “criminals”. Muslim parents told to look for signs that their children are being indoctrinated report to the police. They might have reasonably expected courts to be more sympathetic to their good citizenship.

Yet everything seems a contradiction. Britain celebrates Diversity while being at war with aspects of Muslim culture. And Britain tiptoes round issues like female genital mutilation in the name of Multi-Culturalism. They seek to have it both ways.

Going off to fight for ISIL….in February 2015….is criminal. Doing it a year ago, when ISIL was at war with Assad’s Syria was positively encouraged. Ex-British soldiers now fighting with Assad against ISIL are celebrated as heroes.

Is any action taken against young men from North London and Manchester, who consider it a duty to serve with the Israeli Army. Well….thats “different”. Israel is after all a nation and an ally of Britain. Israel are the good guys…apparently.

ISIL on the other hand is not a nation and only occasional allies of Britain. And obviously bad guys.

Should leaving Britain to fight for another nation be regarded in the same way as leaving Britain to fight for Islamic jihadists? A matter for the British of course and as an Irish citizen, it would be improper of me to have an opinion.

What sort of nation would allow foreigners into its Army? Well….Britain would. All those Ghurkas from Nepal….fighting….and dying and killing for Britain….surely they are foreign.

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4 Responses to Three Girls Go To Islamic State

  1. pippakin says:

    I don’t see what armies have to do with these young girls they appear to be very naive. Tbf to IS traditionally all armies had camp followers I’m not sure these girls are aware of what that means but what I am sure of is that if the girls get to IS held territory they are in trouble which if they get home will change not stop, their culture and their religion are very anti what they consider ruined women, they will not be able to marry, its likely they will not be able to live in their own deeply religious communities and that’s if at some stage one or more of them are not the victim of honour killing. Its very serious for these silly young girls.

  2. boondock says:

    What I find amazing is Turkeys involvement. I mean is there no alarm bell ringing at Istanbul airport border control when these young people with obvious muslim backgrounds unaccompanied arrive with British passports. FFS any 15, 16 year old travelling to any country on their own would be seriously questioned on arrival nevermind Turkey the number one portal for foreign Jihads. Ridiculous stuff. That would be the same Turkey whose army sat back and watched the battle for Kobane quite literally from the sidelines. Im sure the US are delighted how effective their NATO ally is in the region

    • The thing about Turkey is that jihadis can travel from the “west” into Syria and Iraq….AND it can be a staging post for jihadis coming into the “west”.
      This is the same Turkey who the “west” wanted to be part of “Europe”. If there is a lesson from this, it is that there needs to be a space between the “west” and Muslim fundamentalism.
      Fifteen years ago the really crazy people were in Afghanistan and they were “exporting terror”. Assad and Saddam in Syria and Iraq were tyrants but they were secular. Tbe Christians there lived relativeljy peaceful lives.
      In 2015, the “west” is actually exporting jihadis into the Middle East.
      And the jihadis have effectively taken over North Africa.
      And the jihadis are already in Paris, London, Copenhagen….its a total mess.

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