UKIP …First 100 Days

Lets be frank. The “United Kingdom Independence Party” (UKIP) are a nasty party. Essentially they are the rump of a Europhobic, xenophobic, quasi racist element of the Conservative Party. They are the very worst of English society. Their only redeeming feature is that they can screw up the so called “United Kingdom”.

I suspect that the mainstream media and opinion polls overstate the number of seats they will win in the Westminster Election in less than three months. They will get very few seats but have the ability to influence results, mostly at the expense of the Conservative Party.

UKIP do well in Europe. They have several seats in the European Parliament.

But Britains two and a half Party system (Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat) is under threat. None of the eighteen MPs elected from Norn Iron to the British House of Commons are members of the two and a half Parties. Indeed eight of them represent Parties (Sinn Féin and SDLP) would like Norn Iron out of the “UK” and five MPs (Sinn Féin) dont even go to Westminster.

Take Wales. There are forty seats. There has always been a small number of Welsh Nationalist MPs. The current number is three. It is likely to marginally increase in May.

Take Scotland. There are fifty nine seats. The current number of Scottish Nationalist seats is six. This will dramatically increase in May.

The British Establishment, including the two and a half parties formed an unholy alliance to derail Scottish Independence in September 2014. They will of course pay a heavy price in Scotland.

But it seems that the British Establishment is now turning its attention to UKIP. To some extent the Media have built up UKIP and its Leader, Nigel Farage. But now that UKIP are acatually threatening the cosiness of British Politics and its swings from Conservative to Labour and vice versa, every election cycle….the media are obviously and rightly scrutinising UKIP more thoroughly. At heart UKIP are a bunch of political amateurs…the type who sit around with a gin and tonic in a golf club. Of course, UKIP members are new to politics. They are clumsy and say the wrong things, things that skilled political operators, with their army of spin doctors would not say. Search the archives of You Tube and a UKIP member can generally be found saying something politically incorrect.

There are of course rules about Television  fairness and impartiality in politics. But tonight, Channel 4 seems to have ignored all guidelines. “UKIP : The First 100 Days” was a seventy-five minute drama-documentary..

Doc-Drama is an odd hybrid form. News footage of Nigel Farage, Neil Hamilton (Deputy Prime Minister!!!) and riots and protests mingled with a story about UKIPs sole woman Asian MP. And her defence of the UKIP Government line until finally and implausibly,realising the error of her ways.

In fact the entire programme, reached new depths of Implausability. The basic concept that UKIP could win a slim but outright victory in a General Election is almost laughable. Except of course, it is not laughable to Nigel Farage who saw his Party subject to an attack which effectively boosts the Parties of the British Establishhment. The notion that a withdawal from the European Union will lead to stock market collapse and high unemployment and that effective enforcement of migration rules would lead to race riots is just a tad unfair. Yes UKIP are economically illiterate and quasi racist but they wont be winning any General Elections.

There must surely be protests to the regulatory authority.

But a question arises. It is highly unlikely that Sinn Féin will be in Government after the next Irish Elections but I think RTÉ would not consider a drama-documentary on “Sinn Féin: The First 100 Days” speculating on the effects of an outright victory.

The British Establishment might now turn its attention to the Scottish Nationalists.

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