Un-Banned By Slugger O’Toole

Now happy to report that I am un-banned by Slugger O’Toole.

It was all a big mistake. But…it brightened up my dull life.

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2 Responses to Un-Banned By Slugger O’Toole

  1. Political Tourist says:

    Fair play to you.
    Personally i find Slugger pages slow to load for some reason.
    Tried various computers and various different locations, same outcome.
    And the loyalist/unionist unchecked bigotry leaves a lot be desired.
    I don’t mind anybody having a unionist political position.
    I do mind mixing it up with Orangeism being passed off as culture.
    And the parading tradition being pushed is some sort of jolly 4th of July

    • I had a lot of trouble getting used to the new set up. And was off Slugger for several months..
      I now post under my real name and I am ok with that.
      Not too much sectarianism there at the moment. But when the new Marching Season starts the bigots will be back in force.
      Likewise Election time will be nasty.
      And I think the capacity of Slugger O’Toole to cope with that will be fully tested. Clamping down on abuse while advocating its own anti-SDLP and anti-SF agenda will challenge them.

      Essentially there are two sorts of commenter (sic) there. And as Louis Van Gaal, manager of Manchester United said earlier in the week, “the underdog in FA Cup gets an advantage from referees”.
      This will also be true in Rugby World Cup when (say) USA and Japan wont get penalised as much for technical infringements as (say) South Africa and New Zealand.
      Its understandable.
      The same could be said for The moderators on Slugger O’Toole. The experienced and “sensible” people are not given as much licence as the “stupid” people.
      A nd of course Orangeism is VERY stupid.
      But increasingly there is a group of people, to whom Slugger is just too close. And no criticism of them seems allowed.

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