Winston Churchill Dead!

Trying to catch up with the ITV News tonight. I am surprised to find that Winston Churchill is dead. Since 1965.

So what makes this newsworthy? The Great British Public have had to wait fifty years to discover that those crane drivers at London Docks were paid some cash to respectfully have their cranes bow as Churchills funeral went along the River Thames.

Churchill was of course a man who had all the qualities of a War Leader. He was a total bastard.

Did he win the war for Greater England? Could anyone else have done it? Well another statistic. EIGHTY per cent of Russian boys born in 1923 died before the end of World War Two in 1945. Yes Stalin was another total bastard but thats a statistic to be born in mind the next time you hear “blood, sweat and tears” and “fight them on the beaches”.

Despite winning the war (sic), the British people rejected Churchill and elected a Labour Government in 1945. The working class hated “good old Winnie” almost as much as he hated them.

But didnt we have similar shite talked about Margaret Thatcher? Another total bastard.

I could say more but I constrained by not speaking ill of the Dead.

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4 Responses to Winston Churchill Dead!

  1. hoboroad says:

    I remember seeing him on HIGNFY one time when he was confronted with his sucking up to royalty and he looked very uncomfortable. He does not seem to be a man happy in his own skin.

    • Being a British National Treasure …Comes with certain entitlements. Hypocrisy is one of them. Richard Branson springs to mind.
      If you notice its several years since Fry was on HIGNFY.
      Hesays its because Merton and Hislop bullied Deayton over his newspaper sting (cocaine) but I always thought more to do with the way Fry was ridiculed.
      I am a big fan of TV comedy but I am actually thinking there is too much of it on TV at the moment.

  2. hoboroad says:

    Oops that previous comment should have appeared under the Stephen Fry post sorry.

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