Seán Lemass -Terence O’Neill Stamp

I was 12 years old when Seán Lemass travelled to Stormont to meet Terence O’Neill, the first meeting between an Irish Taoiseach and the “Prime Minister” (sic) of Norn Iron….a meeting which infuriated Norn Iron unionists …including Rev Ian Paisley who threw snowballs at the the Lemass car.
Earlier this week the Irish Post Office issued a commemorative stamp. In Dublin earlier this week so I posted some postcards of Stormont to myself…getting a neat First Day of Issue souvenir.

The thing about the issue of postage stamps is that it says a lot about the History, Culture, Fauna, Spirituality, Sport etc of the Irish Nation.
But it also says a lot about the time …January 2015…that the stamp is issued. A practical exercise in Revisionism in History.
The current Decade of Centenaries provides such an opportunity for Revisionists. This is about faux “shared history”.

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