Happy New Year

So folks …all the best for 2015.
Astute readers will note that I have not been blogging as often as previously.
Well I have been involved in other activities but in a way the title “Keeping An Eye on The Czar of Russia” says it all.
For Blogging is one of the most over-rated non-political activities known to Man and (more rarely) Woman. I blame the Baghdad Blogger who over a decade ago, convinced the world that we were all “citizen journalists”. We are no such thing. We are just pathetic non-entities who sit at keyboards keeping on eye on the Czar of Russia, President Putin and the most dangerous people in the Western Hemisphere…David Ford, Naomi Long, Stephen Farry, Chris Lyttle and Andy Muir. I am STILL keeping an eye on the LetsGetAlongerist threat to Civilisation.
Blogging is not what it was. Often hyped as the big new thing in politics, the Establishment has reacted by demonising “social media” and Academics and other elites have reacted to the democracy of the Blog by occupying the space.
Briefly the Vandals broke thru the gates of Western Civilisation and the academics have reacted by producing their own blogs…and complimenting each other at seminars and marginalising the anarchists.

“Keeping An Eye on the Czar of Russia” is of course a BLOG. Slugger O’Toole is a MESSAGE BOARD….very different. A Message Board encourages (at best) DEBATE and (at worst) ARGUMENT. I am a peaceable kinda guy which is why I dont really encourage comments from the most argumentative bunch of morons in the Norn Iron political spectrum…Alliance supporters.

I should note that Slugger O’Toole, revamped by Mick Fealty and Brian O’Neill is a much better Message Board than previously. Deputy Editor, Doctor Who may not be an obvious asset but he young and might actually say something sensible one day.
The site is helped by the fact that Sheldon is not contributing as often (thank Christ!) and although Dimbleby is still contributing some unionist-Tory shite, it is heartening that few people actually read him.
The total absence of Andy Pollak and only occasional appearances by serial LetsGetAlongerist “Mr Ulster” are both welcome developments. And the obligatory complimentary mentions pf Stratagem are now much rarer.
AlaninBelfast is still in obvious mourning for NI21. We have all experienced death bed grief but it really is time that one of Alans many friends led him from the bedside of NI21 “its gone Alan….its gone”.
So lets look forward to 2015…the Westminster Elections and more of the same.

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2 Responses to Happy New Year

  1. Political Tourist says:

    Does is surprise you that people across the planet read your blog?

    • It surprises me that anyone anywhere reads my blog.
      In a sense thats what keeping an eye on the czar of russia is….the pathetic thoughts of an elderly man.
      The really surprising thing is that I am followed in surprising places. This blog is surprisingly popular in Denmark and Israel.

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