“Captain Jack” ?

This is the withdrawn “Centenary of the Irish Citizen Army” stamp. Last month, this example sold for €676 on eBay. There is another example, currently on eBay.image

An Post issues a bulletin on “New Issues” on four occasions during the year. When, I saw the bulletin in early January, it did not make me think twice. It was issued on my wife’s birthday on 23rd January and I tried to buy it in two County Louth post offices at lunch-time.
Seemingly a History lecturer at NUIG (Dr Leo Keohane) who is one of the academics who knows about the Irish Citizen Army spotted that this is NOT Captain Jack White.

For nearly a year now, I have wondered where I had seen the photograph before. In a comment on another thread, “Ben Madigan” mentions a pamphlet by great Belfast socialist which has a photograph of Captain Jack White “looking dapper” in his Citizen Army uniform.
I wonder if this is the same photograph I have seen thirty odd years ago and the same one used by An Post.

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6 Responses to “Captain Jack” ?

  1. benmadigan says:

    your stamp pic is upside down so the photo is hard to make out.

    On the cover of Andrew boyd’s booklet Jack white is wearing a hat, jacket, shirt and tie – no uniform.
    Will try and scan in a picture later this week when I can access some computer help .

    I can find no attribution for the photo in the booklet but have no reason to doubt its veracity as Boyd was very careful about his sources when writing

    According to Boyd, White “died in a belfast nursing home in February 1946 and he is buried in the graveyard at Broughshane First Presbyterian Church”

  2. benmadigan says:

    sincere thanks to croiteir for that link.
    It cleared up a lot of doubts as it provided a series of photos of jack White
    it showed the photo in the stamp the right way up
    it showed jack White with a bandaged head and he looked like the picture on Andrew boyd’s booklet.
    That is the picture of Jack White’ that you can see in the frontispiece from Captain White’s autobiography, Misfit, published in 1930. i suppose he chose it himself – maybe it’s flattering?
    I hope you agree he looks “dapper” in it!
    There’s a big enough difference between the stamp picture and the other two to raise questions as to whether it was the same man so I suppose the prof was right to object and have the stamp withdrawn.
    nice to sort things out!!
    best to all

  3. benmadigan says:

    best wishes to Fitzjames Horse for a wonderful Christmas and a great new year

  4. bangordub says:

    Best wishes for the new year FJH,
    Need a word, Please message me

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