Europe…More Racist Than UKIP?

It is hard to like the “United Kingdom Independence Party” (UKIP). Indeed the very name suggests a bunch of golf club bores, making their way upstairs on the Clapham Omnibus…to smoke a cigarette…only to be told by the Bus Inspector that it is now illegal because of a new law passec in Brussels.
Angry white men (and some angry white women) are familiar enough in United States. They are the bedrock of the Tea Party. And UKIP is a very British Tea Party.
It is common currency to believe that “rights”, maternity pay, minimum wage, equality laws etc affect some people adversely. Angry White Men, so long in positions of influence feel their situation is worse. The “Enemy” is ill-defined. Migrants of course (in both USA and Britain), the “New World Order” (USA), “Europe” (Britain). Ancient freedoms are deemed under threat by jihadists swimming across the Rio Grande or Ebola carrying feminists smuggled into Dover on French car ferries.

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