Stamps Commemorating First World War

In Dublin today. I saw this outside the Philatelic Bureau at the General Post Office. These stamps will be issued next week.


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6 Responses to Stamps Commemorating First World War

  1. That is truly disgusting. Celebrating a demagogue who bullied and pursuaded thousands of Irish men into going to war in the service of a foreign empire. What next? A stamp to celebrate the Anschluss of Austria?! Beyond offensive. I’m genuinely furious at this reforming of Redmond’s character.

  2. Teri says:

    Does that mean, Mr Fitz, that you will need to make another cross border trip next week to get these stamps for your collection?

  3. Political Tourist says:

    Regarding Redmond, history tells us he completely failed.
    His Home Rule idea was put on the back burner for WW1.
    And events in Ireland like 1916 and the 1918 election overtook it.
    Thing is though, the last stronghold of the old IIP was the North.
    And NI did get old fashioned Home Rule.
    Only thing was ulster unionism was in charge of it for the next 50 years.
    There must have some point (by the early 1930s maybe) when all shades of non unionism in the North figured out they’d been completely politically outwitted.
    Devlinites, pro treaty and anti treaty republicans and the odd socialists all having to admit to each they’d got it wrong big time.
    And in turn you end up with the strangest ever political philosophy called “Abstentionism”.
    Northern Nationalism was so well beaten even the most diluted nationalist bought into it.
    Must be one of the darkest political periods in the entire history 6 county nationalism.

    • Oh yes I think thats true.
      Certainly in the 1960s…and in part this is hindsight and I was only 15 in say 1967….there was an air of defeatism.
      say 1964, 1965, 1966 ….my first expereiences of LSTENING to adult conversations.
      People talking about the Work Riots of 1930s or (earlier) Shipyard Confetti, of Nixons Murder Gang, of Joe Devlin…of Collins, of DeValera …
      Even the Divis Street Flag incident “”whats the point”
      Or Harry Diamond versus Paddy Devlin in Falls.
      Or Civil Rights.
      A pervading sense of “it doesnt matter, we will all lose anyway”
      Im not sure if the Conflict or Post-Conflict gave an exaggerated sense of optimism….I will think about that today.
      But probably the most prevailing feeling I sense is that Hume, Adams, Dissidents, Irish and British Govts have all “failed”.
      Another prevailing sense of “whats the point” and if a 15 year old (as I was in 1967) listening to older people (like I am now)….I think they would mostly hear the “whats the point” narrative.

      People talk of Post Conflict.
      They are wrong.
      There is always just Conflict, Post Conflict, Pre-Conflict, Conflict cycle….we have now moved from Post Conflict to Pre Conflict.

  4. Political Tourist says:

    “Pre Conflict” could last a long long time in a one party state with an orange and green wing.
    Certainly it could last until the leaders around during the last conflict retire from the stage.
    It took 50 years to bring down Stormont.
    If i take August 1994 as another starting point then 20 years has past.
    That puts it well into pre conflict.

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