Rally Against Racism

I thought that the turnout was pretty impressive.

Sinn Fein members sprinkled among crowd with small placards. Greens and Labour NI had banners. Alliance and SDLP out in force but no banners. As I understood it, organisers had stipulated it wasnt a political event.

Organised by Trade Unions and Amnesty, you might be forgiven for wondering what they were doing to combat Sectarianism in the 1970s.

Paddy Corrigan of Amnesty lost the run of himself a bit. With references from Woody Guthrie’s “This Land Is Your Land”. Also went off criticising politicians for doing little. “This is the Voice from the Streets” he said. Well no Paddy…very few people standing in the rain get as close to politicians as Paddy Corrigan. Indeed Paddy was sitting directly behind Peter Robinson and Martin McGuinness when President Obama came to Belfast.

See…thats the myth peddled by “Civic Society”. Politicians are all the same. Well no….they arent. To their immense credit, there were people out in the rain, who are men and women of Reason….who knock doors and try to get elected. And all without a helping hand from Trade Unions, Amnesty or Civic Society.

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