Local Elections: West Belfast

There are two DEAs in West Belfast (Black Mountain and Collin) and a third, Court which is partly in North Belfast.
A Sinn Fein stronghold of course. The MP at Westminster is Paul Maskey.
Of the six MLAs, five are Sinn Fein and one is SDLP.

Results 2014.
Black Mountain
SF 5. SDLP 1. PBP 1.
SF 5. SDLP 1.
Court (partly in North Belfast)
SF 2. DUP 2. TUV 1. PUP 1.

The victory of the People Before Profit candidate was hailed as a surprise but I think it was on the cards. Obviously a result that demonstrates Sinn Fein dominance in West Belfast.
The Local Elections seem to indicate the single SDLP Assembly seat is vulnerable but the higher profile of an Assembly election should mean that SDLP is safe.

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2 Responses to Local Elections: West Belfast

  1. SDLP supporter says:

    Might the PBP guy get a seat in assembly?

    • Yes…its very possible.
      But not sure that it would eat into SDLP votes.
      But that seat on Council is a foothold …but I think if he is to make an impact at City Hall it will be to embarrass Sinn Fein.
      SF are the Establishment.

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