Local Elections: Armagh, Banbridge & Craigavon

An amalgamation of the three councils.
Banbridge and Craigavon are solidly loyalist. Armagh fairly balanced.
Banbridge and Craigavon are in the Upper Bann constituency.
Armagh is in the Newry-Armagh constituency.

DUP 13. UUP 12. UKIP 1. Independent 1.
SF 8. SDLP 6.

SDLP Perspective.
In the Armagh DEAs, SDLP outscored Sinn Fein by three seats to two.And with the success in Slieve Gullion will be optimistic about doing well and even gaining a seat from Sinn Fein in the Assembly Election in 2016. Raising the profile of Sharon Haughey or Thomas O’Hanlon by giving one of them a run at Westminster in 2015 would be a good idea.
Things have not been going well for SDLP in Upper Bann and some feel that the Assembly seat, held by Dolores Kelly is vulnerable.
SF outscored SDLP by six seats to three, which is not a good sign but a better sign is that Alliance, including high profile Harry Hamilton (he is a Freddie Mercury impersonator…honestly!) failed to win a seat.
SDLP will also be happy that they have a seat in Lurgan, Craigavon and Banbridge DEAs but Portadown is a hard nut to crack.

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