Never Mind The Quality…Feel The Width!

Never Mind the Quality…Feel the Width!

Just been informed that I have now published 1,000 posts on Keeping An Eye On The Czar. This is a massive tribute to my ability to lie in bed all day with an ipad.
It is also a tribute to the Readership.
Frankly, the strength of ANY Blog is not so much who writes it. The really important thing is who is actually reading it.
Small beginnings in August 2011, there were actually days that I got no “Views” at all and the “Czar” could have gone the way of other blogs I had tried to start.
Mick Fealty gave the Blog a few boosts, occasionally thru gritted teeth.
And of course attending seminars, workshops, conferences etc has put me in contact with other bloggers, academics and politicians and that has been good.
One of the most noticeable things is the unfailing decency of most people….GOD I hate that!!!!…finding out that mortal enemies are nice people is really uncomfortable.
There are however a long list of people that I dont ever want to meet…as the discovery that they are nice people would be just too much for me.

Texas of course brought me a new readership and regular readers in Ireland will probably notice that I am at times writing with Americans in mind.
I “retired” from Blogging in September last year in part because I could not keep up with it as a full-time “job”. It is much more enjoyable now.
Besides Mr Bangor Dub is doing an excellent job with his Blog.

Inevitably Mrs FitzjamesHorse has been a constant source of support. But there is another person who has encouraged me to keep going and who has been nagging me about “Footnotes” for almost ten years now.

So …thanks for reading this.

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7 Responses to Never Mind The Quality…Feel The Width!

  1. bangordub says:

    Thanks for the mention, You are still a cantakerous curmudgeoun of course. I am sure you would be no other. 😉

  2. zig70 says:

    Well, I’ve enjoyed your writing, keep it up. I’ve even got my missus to read some of your articles and she’s very discerning.

  3. Congrats. Here’s to another 1000 posts 🙂

  4. ED Tillman says:

    I, for one, am always honored to read. Thank you for posting.

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