This Blog Is Now In “Election Mode”

This Blog has a wide readership.
Of course you all know that I am member of SDLP but I am always heartened when non-SDLP people tell me that I am “independently minded”.
It will come as no surprise that KEEPING AN EYE ON THE CZAR OF RUSSIA will be endorsing SDLP in the Local Elections and Alex Attwood for Europe.
I hope this does not detract from the “quality” of the Blog.
Indeed over the next few weeks, I intend to be blogging “on the campaign trail” visiting most parts of Norn Iron. So I hope that it is still interesting.

So folks…I am a member of SDLP.
I wont be knocking doors on behalf of the Party.
Everybody has their own way of Contributing. This is mine.

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2 Responses to This Blog Is Now In “Election Mode”

  1. hoboroad says:

    Attwood is on 4/1 at Paddy Power to take a seat. A good chance I’d say it all depends on SF transfers.

    • The best price I have heard is 8/1 and I know some people who are “on” at 20/1.
      Its a good way of generating interest. If the policies arent getting thru, the “Odds” are a good talking point.
      Reaching a new audience.

      I dont think its just about SF transfers. Its about inter-unionist transfers and who stays ahead of other parties at crucial times.
      It depends on how much DUP transfers benefit TUV, UUP, UKIP….NI21 squeezed.
      The Alliance-Green-NI21 split (and AP will be ahead and get more transfers).
      Id also look for regional variations (we wont “see” gender or age but we can see East-West).
      Id also be looking to see how the vote differs in Euro and Locals.
      If we take the view that the most likely outcome is the status quo…then really all Parties will be looking to 2015 and 2016

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