Making Up

Raising £2 million for Cancer Treatment ….in just a few days is a brilliant achievement and am pleased to say that so many female friends were involved. Taking “selfies” without make-up…an excellent idea.
I declare an interest here. My wife of 31 years has never EVER worn make-up.
I have never had to sit patiently while my wife “puts on her face”.
Make-Up …lippy, mascara…have never been on the Tesco bill.

In part, its generational and I suppose even environmental.
Good wee Clonard Girls didnt wear make up.
Of course Men are NOT ALLOWED to say anything nice about a Thoroughly Modern Woman of the 21st Century. Because its patronising.
But I am almost 62 years old and I honestly dont care what anybody thinks of me.

So I will say this as plainly as I can.
Not only did you prove your generosity in raising money and awareness about Cancer, each and every one of the pics I saw proved that my friends look a helluva lot better without make up than they do with make up.

Cosmetics is probably the second biggest Consumer Confidence Trick. (Insurance is the Biggest).
Nobody actually NEEDS make up.
It strikes me that even more money could be raised and indeed money saved by women NOT splashing chemicals on themselves.

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1 Response to Making Up

  1. Rory Carr says:

    You must admit though that there are quite a few guys who would benefit from a silo load of make-up. (Cue music from Phantom, CATS, Evita etc.)

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