Good News Week…For SDLP

So here is a welcome piece of News for SDLP. They are the political party that the electorate trusts most on “economic issues”.
I wonder how many people actually took the full meaning of the question on board.
It is probably a reflection that the words “SDLP” and “trust” are in the public mind.
A kinda default position for SDLP in general.
Sinn Fein scored poorly…the worst of the five main parties.The orange wing of the One Party State (DUP) only managed third place.

Yet the SDLP will look as much to the fact that they were just about the only political party to emerge with any credit from the OTR (On The Runs) Scandal. Mark Durkan turned in a stellar performance and a considerable number of TV viewers will have noted his straight talking against the shiftiness of DUP and Sinn Fein.
And the less said about our pisspoor Minister for Justice the better.
Never was the SF-DUP lapdog more humiliated.
It would take a heart of stone not to laugh at David Ford.

So I think we can expect twenty five threads on Slugger O’Toole about the SDLPs Good News Week.
Or maybe we wont.
It is of course only an opinion poll but Mick, Dimbleby and Sheldon and new boy Doctor Who (he knows a LOT about SDLP…especially in South Belfast….yeah I know) love opinion polls.
All that Norn Iron Life and Times Shite that they are always spoofing about.
So come on Slugger…let’s here it for the SDLP….for once.
You have 364 other days to tell us how great the Alliance Party are.

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17 Responses to Good News Week…For SDLP

  1. Rory Carr says:

    Well, you asked for it. Of course people trust the SDLP with the economy. Why wouldn’t they since they have no control of it whatsoever?

  2. dedeideoprofundis says:

    I’m really lost here, I’m going to vote for ni21, can someone tell me why not?

    • Not sure what the comment has to do with SDLP.
      We all vote for political parties based on our principles and self interest.
      If you believe that NI21 correspond with your views then…go for it.
      I would never try and persuade someone away from that they feel is right for them and theirs.

  3. Hi FJH,

    I don’t believe I have commented on any of the sites for a while but here goes:

    i) This DUP/SF are two sides of the same party from Mark Durkan is kind of catchy, but I ask, can we say the same for when the SDLP were in power with the less than moderate Trimble and the UUP?

    ii) SDLP are trusted with money? I am sure there is some kind of joke in there that could be weaved with any of the following, 1. Conal McDevitt and his expenses; and/or 2. The good Dr. and his getting a whole host of cash from the tax payers for which he has used to buy property in LDN and has kept all of the capital increase that all property in LDN has experience.

    What I am getting at is that of course they are trusted with money, they have shown they know how to make it, which for a party of labour values comes more across as champagne socialism.

    As for SoT, it’s beyond parody now and I see Morpheus has done a great job of debunking much of Mick’s somewhat voyeuristic fixation on all things SF surrounding the so called Shinnerslist, a list that everyone in power knew about and that other parties freely availed of and a list that when all of these points are debunked and proved as falsehoods or exaggerations by Morpheus he doesn’t have the good grace to actually show some kind of humility.

    I shall retreat to my German cave for a while now! πŸ™‚


    • I hope its a comfy German cave.
      I take some of the points. But ultimately Norn Iron is a small goldfish bowl.
      Very little is really determined by Policy nuance.
      A lot is too far embedded.

      • Said cave is very comfy and coming along nicely FJH.

        I hate be combative but you’re not really addressing any of the points raised sir! πŸ™‚

        Being away from it all I am amazed at what happens back home and how things are blown way out of all proportion at times but c’estla vie

      • Oh its an Election Year. I wont come clean about what i think until after the Election.
        Im not going to be saying anything interesting until after the Elections. I warned yo all about this πŸ˜‰

  4. Political Tourist says:

    Thing is the only party that has had power on it’s own in NI was the old Ulster Unionist Party or as somebody called them recently, deadco.
    Think it was some word play on the Ibrox soccer events.
    Funnily enough i got it immediately.
    Anyway we know the Ulster Unionist show turned out.
    50 years that ended in total disaster.
    Problem i see for the SDLP long term is that they end up with a core support and nothing else.
    Not having the SF baggage doesn’t seem to have helped the SDLP win over many unionists.
    At best even liberal North Down unionists regard the SDLP as a joke.
    Old Paisley called them mealy mouthed papists.
    The one chap i thought might do something ended up blowing it in some sleazy money wrangle.
    Why oh why Conal.

    • For all my family and nationalist friends the SDLP are a turn off and one (of the many) reasons is their spitefullness. They’ve a history of this going all the way back to Fitt the Brit, Joe Hendron’s desperate tactics and the insane, desructive (and very spiteful) rule of Margaret Ritchie.

      Remember, this is the party that turned on John Hume when he was engaging with Gerry Adams. I think we’d have to consult Eammon Pheonix to recall the last time they were natonalist in inent and action.

      They’re duplicitous beyond contempt, as seen with the Newry play park mess they got themselves in. Clearly, the local SDLP reps knew the name change was wanted but the party heads turned because they had, as they always do, thise unionist transfers in mind.

      Then there’s Colum Eastwood, (the party’s Bobby Ewing), who was on the rise, a man who was proud of his community including those who were republicans, and who seems to have been locked away in Jim Allister’s closet. Hardly a week passed without him on the radio and now, nadda.

      Then there’s my oul hobby horse, the party doesn’t see the value of Alban. Obviously FJH would know more his failure to rise to the top than I but he was one of a couple in the party that speaks for his community.

      • I like Alban. My generation of course.
        Surprisingly for a barrister, he is not a great orator.
        He can come across as a bit remote but is one of the nicest people I know.

    • SDLP has got some sound ideas.
      And I think it scores well in the “Integrity” thing.
      I think the party is crying out for a really great orator and motivator.
      Some good things happening on the ground but only in SOME places.
      Id be interested in any difference in support at Euro and Council elections, held on same day.

  5. Theresa says:

    Mr Fitz, this is off topic so I must apologise. I cant see any way of emailing you but thought you might be interested in this article:

    It’s an article written by an Ulster Unionist living in Scotland who is voting for Independence in the Referendum in September. Isn’t it quite amazing how people when taken out of their normal environment can start to think for themselves and make such big decisions without fear. Maybe a fair bit of emigration is needed to change around the fortunes of Northern Ireland! Of course, that would only work if the returning emigrants could continue to be their selves.

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