As The Fan Hits The Shit…

So the DUP are rubbishing tonight’s Big Interview.
Ian Paisley in conversation with Eamonn Mallie.

I am all prepared …coca cola and two packets of Tayto Prawn Cocktail. Its going to be that kinda night.
Nothing worse than a woman scorned and “Lady Paisley” looks like she might scratch a few eyes out.
And the Boy Paisley (Ian Junior) largely invisible (in media terms) since being at Westminster might move centre stage this week…defending the Aged Parent.

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8 Responses to As The Fan Hits The Shit…

  1. limewindow says:

    It promises to be, if not dynamite, then roman candles at least…looking forward!

  2. Glenn S says:

    Very ….


  3. hoboroad says:

    It registered FJH. Jeffrey and Arlene have also got some support.

  4. hoboroad says:

    The Next DUP Leader Poll
    Gregory Campbell
    3 (12%)
    Arlene Foster
    5 (20%)
    Jeffrey Donaldson
    3 (12%)
    Nigel Dodds
    4 (16%)
    Ian Paisley Junior
    1 (4%)
    Sammy Wilson
    5 (20%)
    Simon Hamilton
    2 (8%)
    Somebody else
    1 (4%)
    Don’t Know
    0 (0%)
    24 Votes

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