Congratulations Peter Osborne

The Czar of Russia would like to send best wishes to Peter Osborne, the new Chair of the Community Relations Commission…a Quango
Until last month Peter was Chair of the Parades Commission…a Quango.
We are indeed lucky that Peter has the “skills set” to Chair both these important public bodies.
Peter Osborne must be pretty good at “Chairing”. He is a previous Chair of a political party…the Alliance Party.

Peter Osborne is not to be confused with the Alliance Party’s most recent Chair…Glyn Roberts who was appointed to the Parades Commission last month…as a rank and file member (£22,000 per annum). Unfortunately Glyn had to resign within a few days due to logistical difficulties.

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4 Responses to Congratulations Peter Osborne

  1. The Patronage Party of Northern Ireland!

  2. James says:

    is he a unionist or a nationalist?

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