So Farewell Then Glyn Roberts

Well that didnt last long.
Just ten days after being appointed to the Parades Commission…salary £22,000 per annum…Glyn Roberts, the Chief Executive of the Independent Retailers Federation has resigned from the Commission.
There was some speculation (this Blog passim) that it represented a change of direction by the British Government…not overly satisfied with the previous Commission and it has been noted here and indeed on Slugger O’Toole that Roberts had given interviews (wearing his Retailers hat) about Parades.
It was also noted that Roberts was Chair of Alliance Party in 2012-2013.
Oddly the previous Chair of the Parades Commission (Peter Osborne) is a previous Chair of the Alliance Party.
The Alliance Party are really….talented.

Indeed some commenters (previous members of Alliance Party themselves perhaps) have noted how talented Roberts is.
So we must respect the decision of Glyn Roberts.
Will he ever get appointed to another Quango?
Maybe …like a bus…another Quango….will be along in a minute.

John Taylor…now “Lord Somebody” is hardly my favourite UUP politician.
But he was asking questions in “House of Lords” about the appointment of a political figure to the Parades Commission.

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4 Responses to So Farewell Then Glyn Roberts

  1. Glenn S says:

    Glyn’s input will be missed but I have no doubt he did what he did for the best of intentions.

    • Yes….I’m sure you think that.
      Apparently it was the LOGISTICS.
      Getting £22,000 a year for a part time job didnt fit in with his already busy schedule.
      It surely rules him out of any other Quango.
      I mean just because he was judged the right man for this particular nonsense…doesn’t mean that he is the right man for another Quango.
      I daresay others in our communities are just as capable.

      • Glenn S says:

        It would depend on the number of hours that Glyn was expected to contribute. Obviously as he is a busy person he will have to consider all his commitments. If you want something done, ask a busy person!

      • Its a shame he did not know he was busy before he applied or was appointed (how are these things done by the way?).
        I man not clever enough to know that he is busy is probably the wrong person to be tasked with a complicated thing like Parades.

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