I note Ian Parsley (formerly Alliance Party, then Unionist-Tory, now Alliance again) is talking about a third pillar in Norn Iron Politics.
Mr Parsley calls these people “Progressives”.
Are these the people that I have been known to describe as “LetsGetAlongerists”?

I must conclude that “Progressives” is some kinda Parody.
We should stick to the less prejudicial term “LetsGetAlongerists”.

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18 Responses to LetsGetAlongerists…Progressives?

  1. tenniselbow says:

    But, some people don’t believe in a UI, nor do they believe in the worst or in fact any excesses of the DUP. They were born in NI and so feel Northern Irish. They are attempting to find political representation closer to their world outlook, rather than make do with something that they don’t really think fits them, or not vote at all…more choice…progressive. I think the fact this 3rd way exists is a positive, and in fact it couldn’t be any other way, just a reflection of reality. DUP and SF would like to have us believe there are only 2 outlooks in NI but it ain’t the case

  2. Billy Pilgrim says:

    Are the Letsgetalongerists really a third force? Or are they merely a subset of unionism?

    Over on Slugger I’ve referred to them as Crocodile Smile Unionists.

    How can someone support the partition of Ireland and union with Britain, yet claim to not be a unionist?

    • tenniselbow says:

      well technically that makes them a unionist, but then again not really, A lot of people have moved beyond these ‘technicalities’ into a new landscape, especially younger people, and just really don’t think in those terms, terms which others define themselves by and think others should do same. Their position is equally valid ‘partition of Ireland’ ‘union with Britain’ to a fair number…is pretty vacant.

      • Billy Pilgrim says:

        Sorry, but ‘partition of Ireland’ and ‘union with Britain’ are both pretty concrete realities, whether one supports or opposes them. They are not ‘technicalities’.

        Waffling about a ‘new landscape,’ on the other hand, is fairly vacant. At best.

        But I am struck by a new stridency in the tone of the Letsgetalongerists. They seem to feel they have the wind at their backs. I suspect this is the pride that comes before the fall.

      • I actually disagree with that.
        I dont think there is a stridency. I detect a lack of confidence.
        take Platform for Change, to me they dont seem as confident as three years ago.
        Alliance is actually in government but none of their basic agenda is any closer.
        All the hoopla about “Truth and Justice” looks further away.
        Integrated Education also.
        Normal British politics…British labour dont want to know..
        NI21 are now in the field but that actually dilutes the middle ground rather than making it stronger.
        And Alliance look as if they over-reached themselves with the Flegs Decision.

  3. They are unionists with a nice new wrapping, not progressive at all as they want to maintain the status quo.

  4. tenniselbow says:

    Well if I believe the general status quo, albeit reformed and bettered, is the best framework for NI then that’s progressive…it’s all about opinions.

    • Billy Pilgrim says:

      Yes, but why on earth do you think that? Have the past 90 years escaped your attention? Why do you think the next 90 will be different?

  5. tenniselbow says:

    Why on earth do you think an all-Ireland republic is going to happen or going to make things better. You can probably give some reasons for, I can give against. The Dublin gov would not be happy if they thought they were going to have sole responsibility for NI, they would happily take Westminster input (and £££). An all out victory for one side AND where peace and stability prevails ain’t happening. Perhaps it will never happen, but imo the best chance is for some sort of third way and for it to be properly and honestly sold to a majority of NI people..(none of FJH oft-mentioned creative ambiguity) I believe this is possible and better rather than the constant ding-dong between 2 polarised position….and probably reflective of a good swathe of the population…that’s why on earth I think that.
    I think FJH is right about a lack of confidence at the moment in Alliance, but I think their vote will largely hold up. The strident part of the middle ground currently is NI21, though it is still quite small, the confidence/novelty of a new group, we’ll see if they grow.

  6. They take responsibility for Connacht and I am sure that province does not create a profit. If the sole reason for staying in the disintegrating rUK is that the north has become a financial disaster area since partition then that is a reason for joining the successful republic rather than staying out.

    • Right now, GB is looking down the back of the sofa and has been doing so since 2008 and there isn’t much there. Those opposing a United Ireland seem to think it will simply be the 6 stapled on to the 26.

      Ian Parsley tweets, why have nationalists not came out with a document like the SNP did. Well first, the document was a pile of crap and bared no resemblance to independence in anything other than name. Secondly and most importantly, we are far from the stage Scotland is at and have sod all idea what the world and the two nations will be like when the time comes.

      As for recent happenings here, loyalism and political unionism are doing a fantastic job at keeping the cause of a UI alive, far beyond anything the other side are doing. I think they’ve also done a grand wee job for the Alliance Party due to the obvious lack of support within unionist society for what the three parties are at in relation to flegs and marching. We’ve seen the pravince brought to its knees over agreements and Drumcree, we know what an angry unionist population looks like and this ain’t it. Could you imagine a day would come when a unionist rally, which promised 10,000 on the street, barely made 1,500?

  7. I was thinking of you Fitz when professional Jimmy Young impressionist and Letsgetalongerists supremo, Duncan Morrow released his report on sectarianism I amateur boxing.

    He must have loved that landing on his lap, like Peter Stringfellow with an outrageously fit Czech girl on his. What was clear is that an obviously sectarian club, Sandy Row (just look at the pictures of it) were getting hear when boxing in other clubs or venues..

    Of course, Morrow’s points are knocked on their arse by a couple of evidential issues. Firstly, working class people know boxing like the back of their hands and know that high profile boxers from clubs in loyalist areas spent a hell of a lot of time in clubs like Holy Family and Holy Trinity, even during the bad old days.

    The second being that we were at events, such as The Dockers or St Kevin’s, for decades and know exactly what goes on. Yep, there were a couple of issues (isolated members of the audience) who did give S Row grief but that’s a reflection of societal issues, not boxing.

    And here is where letsgetalongerism is not the pure flower it sees itself as. It searches in nooks and carnies for the minor, for the minority in order to be balanced thus indulging lies and the disingenuous. As you can see here http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/boxing/25316911 Morrow et al are actually indulging sectarianism by their conclusion that boxers should be allowed to box for GB.

    Interestingly, Wendy Austin mentioned to the guy who runs S Row boxing club that it was recommends that no flags or symbols should be in clubs or venues. The club is festooned with flags and pro war propaganda and Wendy asked if he will be taking his down. Of course, your man, the very complainant, went off on a rant about it being the fleg of our nation.

    • In the 1970s, I was a big amateur boxing fan.
      Ulster Hall.
      National Stadium in Dublin.
      I was even at the Boxing at the 1980 Olympics. Was there the night that Hugh Russell won the bronze. Saw McGuigan lose in last sixteen to a Tanzanian
      I have never ever seen anything remotely sectarian.
      Its just not that kinda sport.
      Certainly people are “stirring shit” …thats how I see it.

      But I have seen a worrying development. back in the day there was a certain dignity in boxing. Little ethical conventions….integrity in the corners. Certain standard of behaviour in crowds. Family (even “clan” animosity) …In part its higher profile, part a society problem, part bigger rewards (some good “grants” available) and a deeper aggression. Also a lot of pressure on very young people.
      Boxing was always about “control”.
      But I have heard some very unsavoury things about behaviour recently.

  8. Some nice letsgetalongerism on Question Time, from South Africa. Peter Hain bashing out the LGA tag of, we are In a much better place than we were, like some form of battered wife who should be happier that she is being slapped rather than punched.

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