Derry Stroke Derry

Whats in a name?
“Doire”. “Derry”. “Londonderry”.
Gerry Aderson of course was being ironic. Referencing “Derry Stroke Londonderry” to highlight the obsessionally nationalist and unionist sensitivities.
Over a year ago, the term “Derry Londonderry” started to be used as a kinda letsgetalongist neutrality.
I predicted (and for once I was right) that it would enter the mainstream and it has….”Derry Londonderry” is now a staple on news programmes.
I cant see Derry GAA rushing to change its name.
And I dont think nationalists should be using the term. Its SHYTE.

To highlight this absurdity, I urge you to start tweeting Hashtag “Derry Stroke Derry”.

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4 Responses to Derry Stroke Derry

  1. Rory Carr says:

    Surely, # Doire/Derry ? No ?

    • Oh thats a good point.
      Derry-Derry is probably not “inclusive”.
      But “Doire-Derry” is definitely more inclusive.
      I will fill in my application for a Grant from Europe. (They might have to wait a few years to see my accounts).

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