We have had LetsGetAlongerists for years. But today I introduce LETSPRAYALONGERISTS.

Earlier today, Fr Tim Barrett (Catholic priest) addressed the DUP Conference. What he said, was not nearly as important as the fact that he spoke to the DUP…whose founder the Rev Ian Paisley often spoke out about the curse of Rome and the treachery of the Ecumenical Movement.

Fr Barrett’s speech was not really anything to do with Peter Robinson thinking that the DUP can be attractive to Catholics. The DUP stance on Gay Rights, Abortion and ultra-conservative views is no attraction. Catholics are not one dimensional. They might also be republican, socialist, nationalist, disabled, elderly, young, female, male, rich, poor.
No catholic is going to go into a polling station to vote DUP on Social conservative values.
Nobody …other than a nut job …is going to deny his or her Irishness on the issue of Abortion.
Robinson cannot appeal to Catholics without more robust condemnation of the behaviour of some elements of Orange supporters in the vicinity of Catholic Churches.
Put bluntly, no catholic is going to be so impressed by an Orange bandsman urinating on St Matthews that they will decide to vote DUP.

Fr Barrett was not there to pledge support to DUP. He is one of a group of liberal minded clergymen and women of different faiths. As Dr John Brewer recently said in a lecture at St Oliver Plunketts in West Belfast (I blogged about it here)…the institutional churches (Brewer claims) have not done enough for Reconciliation and that it has been left for mavericks to bear witness.
These voices might well include Fr Tim Barrett.
Its important to say that Fr Tim has the “approval” of the Conflict Resolutionists…he is “the right sort of priest”.


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11 Responses to LetsPrayALongerists

  1. Rory Carr says:

    “Nobody,” you say, ” …other than a nut job …is going to deny his or her Irishness on the issue of Abortion.”

    You are forgetting perhaps that, among those who would deny to women the choice to have an abortion in safe, clinical conditions where necessary, there are a lot of “nut jobs” some of whom would not stop short of murder in their eagerness, somewhat contrarily, to demonstrate that abortion is murder. For such people denial of their “Irishness” would seem a small matter compared to their willingness to descend into brutishness to show the extent of their. holiness

  2. factual says:

    Sinn Féin have invited a protestant minister to speak, who praised Martin McGuinness.

    The SDLP have invited a protestant minister, though he did not praise the SDLP. He lectured them.

    The DUP have invited a Catholic Priest.

  3. Rory Carr says:

    Perhaps the UUP can invite a Mormon; NI21, a Jedi; the Green Party, a Jainist (obviously); Alliance, a Holy Roller and the PUP, a Satanist.

  4. got news for you – I would vote for the DUP on moral grounds if it meant stopping abortion, and I definitely will not be voting for the gay promoting SDLP or Sinn Fein

      • Rory Carr says:

        Well, FJH, that’s what I was going to say. As morality in these matters is much of a moveable feast – my social designs are moral, yours are immoral – sorta thing, I think that I will stick to rather more prosaic social intercourse and refuse to have anything further to do with Mr Croiteir on purely snobbish grounds. I do find his opinions so damned boorish.

  5. Rory Carr says:

    No, I am not so good at all, Croiteir. Which is rather my point. I do not feel that I am so God-awful saintly and perfect that I should deny to women access to safe, clinical care when abortion becomes a necessary choice. I have no desire to condemn unfortunate women to the squalor and danger of back-street abortions in order to demonstrate my moral purity to the world. Nor have I been so chaste and caring in my own sexual affairs that I feel that I have any right whatsoever to condemn other adults when they engage with another consenting adult for emotional comfort and sensual pleasure – that would be their business.

    I must say, however, that I cannot help but feel quite smugly superior to anyone from the catholic/nationalist community who would consider voting for the DUP for whatever reason. I suppose that merely reflects yet another of my many character defects, but one that, like St Augustine before me, I am not yet ready to have removed.

  6. Nice rant – but there is very little in that I do not disagree with except to say I would not support the murder of a child in the womb to promote a lifestyle choice or for the inconvenience the child may cause. as for voting for DUP I would vote for them on moral issues if not doing so woul condemn Irish babies to death.

    Some things sometimes carry to heavy a price.

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