Yellow Card?

Well here is a strange thing or is it?
Slugger O’Toole, the anti-nationalist message board agonises about not having many SDLP voices there.
So…Mick posts a longish thread about a statement by Retired Police Officers Association. …effectively the voice of the old RUC.
I posted that
“What Id expect from Yesterday’s Men”.

Lets parse that….”what Id expect”…..yes it is what Id expect. To say other would be wrong.
“Yesterday’s Men”….ad hominem. ??? Playing the Man???
Oh Im sure that the old RUC have been called worse.
They’ve certainly called ME worse.

So some hours later, I get an email from Sluggers Moderating Team telling me that I have been yellow-carded.
At the risk of offending the sentiments of my readers….this is absolute BOLLIX.

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1 Response to Yellow Card?

  1. Ronan Burns says:

    What do you expect from Alliance Party types?

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