Celebrity Stormont

Now that Fearghal McKinney (SDLP) has joined his former Ulster TV News colleague Mike Nesbitt (UUP) in Stormont…it is surely time to throw out the 106 other MLAs and replace them with our best loved journalists and celebrities.
I daresay that Stormont is a reflection of our Society.
Surely UTV and BBC are a reflection of our Society. …say 50% unionist/loyalist, 40% nationalist/republican and a mere 10% letsgetalongerist.

Conor Bradford
Wendi Austin
Julian Simmonds
Paul Clarke,
Martina Purdy
Tara Mills
Mark Carruthers
Noel Thompson
Gareth Gordon
Ken Reid
Sharon O’Neill
Jake O’Kane
Tim McGarry
Professor Deirdre Heenan
Professor Rik Wilford
May McFetridge
Adrian Dunbar
Rory McIlroy
Darren Clarke
Angie Phillips
Barra Best
Kieron Tourish
Malachi O’Doherty,
Eamonn Mallie (oh wait hes not best loved)
Quintin Oliver
Alan in Belfast
Joe Brolly
Cardinal Sean Brady
Mickey Harte
Mick Fealty
Clare McCollum
Stephen Watson
Chief Constable Matt Baggott
Walter Love
Mark Sidebottom
Stephen Nolan
Gerry Anderson

Please feel free to add more of our excellent celebrities.
I would obviously discourage attaching party labels to them 😉
But Im sure that our Media and Cultural life is 50-40-10

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11 Responses to Celebrity Stormont

  1. I am certain you are incorrect in those percentages. The Northern Ireland Last Tango survey reported it to be 40% Loyalist/Unionist, 10% Republican, and 50% Letgetalongerist/OurWeeCountry/Bestplaceeverintheworldist.

  2. zig70 says:

    Celebs don’t perform at the polls in my fuzzy memory. Anyone got numbers, martin lewis springs to mind?

  3. zig70 says:

    I meant Martin Bell, doh. Glenda Jackson I’d rate, though scraped last election. Just think that Fearghal will suffer if he brings up his media experience. Maybe naive of the SDLP faithful to confuse media popularity with political popularity?

  4. factual says:


    On the topics of celebrities and politics……


    I would be very happy to see Clarkson lose!

    • Publicity Seeking.
      “Jordan” (Katy Price) did the same.
      Clarkson standing….might femind people of his statement two years ago that strikers should be taken out and shot in front of their families.
      He rode that controversy out on the basis that he was joking.
      Standing for Parliament would bring it all back and other Tory bast@@ds would lose votes.

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