So Farewell Then Trevor Lunn?

Surely he has to resign.
Personally Id prefer if he didnt resign as he demeans the Allisnce Party by being MLA for Lagan Valley.
He is 67 years old and can just sit his present little difficulty out. Its unlikely he would want to stand again for election in 2016.
And even more unlikely that tne Alliance Party…a shameless bunch at the best of times….would want him on the ticket.

Pressed on the precise qualifications that his wife has provide him with advice, Mr Lunn rather sheepishly replied that he is not a great believer in “qualifications”
Well ….he is actually the Alliance Party spokesman on EDUCATION!!!
You couldnt make it up.
So in two weeks time, Queens University will be starting a new academic year.
And there will be a Freshers Bazaar, where students will be able to join various clubs and societies, including the Alliance Party.
Yes they will have a stall.
And maybe some senior members of Alliance Party will be there to give the student branch a boost.
Will the Alliance spokesman on Education be there?
Shaking hands with students and encouraging them to join the Party. Will students remind Trevor Lunn, that he doesnt believe in qualifications…the whole purpose ofa University?
And will Stephen Farry, the Alliance Minister for EMPLOYMENT and LEARNING disacociate himself from Lunns comments?

Readers might remember a profile of Mr Lunn on TV a few years ago. A Presbyterian layman, Mr Lunn plays the organ in his Church…and in the local Catholic Church (Lisburn) at Christmas Midnight Mass. So….obviously a good guy.

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2 Responses to So Farewell Then Trevor Lunn?

  1. sammymcnally says:

    re. “replied that he is not a great believer in “qualifications”

    i saw that interview – embarassing.

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