Pay Day Loans

Fair play to Councillor Claire Hanna (SDLP) on her motion at Belfast City Hall tonight.
The City Council is now committed to working with Advice services to combat the menace of predatory “pay day” loan companies.
Just why the Government allows such loan sharks is a total disgrace.
It is a menace that affects the most vulnerable people in society.
Those puppets are not so cute as they look.
Support your local Credit Union!!

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12 Responses to Pay Day Loans

  1. Séamus says:

    Just why the Government allows such loan sharks is a total disgrace.

    The Conservative donor and government adviser Adrian Beecroft has a major stake in Wonga, Britain’s best-known payday lender, which charges borrowers more than 4,000 per cent APR. Mr Beecroft has given almost £800,000 to the Tories in the last seven years, contributing more than £100,000 last December. (Top Tory funder runs high-cost loans company)

  2. wolfe tone says:

    These money lenders are a prime example of how unscrupulous business people in cahoots with corrupt politicians adopt methods/ideas that were once used by criminals to make lots of money. First they campaign to put the loansharks out of business because they are ‘making money of the backs of the disadvantaged’ and then they lobby to legalise the said loansharks’ methods.
    Anybody who calls for the legalising/regulation of illicit drugs would need to be careful what they wish for. Their calls may be genuine but unscrupulous people will be calling for it as well, and will be ready to invest when/if it did become regulated. These people will know there will be massive profits in it for them. I watched a bbc documentary recently that revealed what happened when a state[Colorado i think] ‘regulated cannabis. Businesses were established that made chocolates,fizzy drinks etc which the main ingredient is dope. These products are obviously aimed at kids even though the owner states that the consumer must be over 18/21. Why else make them? The owner was delighted with his business but he said he wouldnt even consume his own product they were that potent!

  3. factual says:

    Claire Hanna is not appreciated by the SDLP? Next South Belfast MP? (Post double jobbing)

    • Sinn Fein seem to be doing Job Share.
      Three Belfast councillors resigned last night.
      More co-options and more total contempt for voters.

      • factual says:

        I have been told that this allows electorate to view/know candidate before election; allows electorate to be in more informed position, so helps them.

      • And who told you this?

      • Séamus says:

        They did the same about 8 months before the 2011 local elections. It lets their new councillors get comfortably bedded in, and it’s well recognised that seats in the hands of incumbents are considered a lot safer. The position gives them a larger platform, and better profile, than any other candidate for the seat come election time.

      • Im in favour of Co-Option. In the right circumstances, its very civilised, whether at Stormont or Council level.
        We elect…or officially elect …individuals rather than a party list of people for a constituency or DEA.
        To me its perfectly civilised that in a constituency like South Belfast …six MLAs from five different parties….if one of the MLAs falls under a bus, then it is patently decent that the party affected nominates a successor….it would surely be wrong to disenfranchise the voters.
        And not just on the issue of Death or Sickness.
        But its not good that Sinn fein has exploited this to the extent it has done and continues to do.
        In fairness when a person votes SF, they get exactly what it says on the tin.
        And few if any SF voters will be really annoyed.

  4. factual says:

    Presumably Claire Hanna will be MLA sooner than I thought with Conal now resigning?

  5. factual says:

    Or will it be NK?

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