And The Winner Is….

Proud to announce that the first of the Sluggerite triumvirate to post about Seamus Heaney is Sheldon…the Sage of Ballinderry (but he calls in BallinLONDONderry). Our congratulations to him.

Cherished reminisinces from Dimpleby for his fellow Derryman will follow. I expect he must have interviewed him for the Beeb. Possibly Seamus Heaney was a Freemason (I doubt it) and much respected in the wider freemasonry of Poetry. Im hoping for the obligatory refence to the “UK” City of Culture and the poem for Mrs Windsors visit to Queens.

And cherished thoughts and perhaps poetry from Mick later on. And perhaps a rebuke for those of us claiming Seamus Heaney as one of our own. A Poet for all of us etc etc.

On the other hand Mick might be working on that James Kelly obituary.

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