Happy Anniversary “Czar”

I started this blog two years ago today.
This is Post #875.
Congratulations if you have actually read ALL of them. 😉
I did not have particuarly high hopes for this Blog. It was not the first time I had tried to sustain a “blogging” presence.
The old “My Space” site worked well for a while.
I like the “Live Journal” format also.
All Blogs are really about TWO things. Posting AND Comenting.

I am not convinced that Blogging is important. There is just too many.
And the Internet is already “generational”.
From My Space to Live Journal. From Blogger to Word Press. From Facebook to Twitter.
The next big new thing is probably only months away.
The Word Press site suits me best….even if I dont have a clue how to use it to best effect. I remain a technophobe.
The first weeks of “The Czar” were not that much different from any other Blog I had tried. It was little more than a “journal” as I was sharing my thoughts with almost NOBODY.
Very slowly, it built up a following.
It was helped when Mick Fealty linked to it on Slugger O’Toole (March 2012).
And the Marching Season last year helped.
And of course the Flegs Dispute (December 2012)
And the major breakthru was Texas (February 2013).
Numbers still going up.
Knowing that the Blog is actually READ imposes a certain….responsibility.
It is I think the “right” of a Blogger to choose the issues.
I reserve the right to be “individual”, quirky, eccentric or downright mad. I have found what works for me.
Of course the Blog has been scathing about Letsgetalongerists, the Overclass, the MetroTextuals, liberal unionists and of course the Alliance Party.
And Conflict Resolution.
And theres a certain irony.
However critical I have been of my favourite targets, I have sought to have an ongoing discussion about the state of Nationalism/Republicanism and in providing that platform, I think we have managed to do so without “Stoop” and “Shinner” rhetoric.
Nationalism NEEDS that conversation.
And there are some great blogs out there.
I was always a bit of an anorak. I always attended a broad range of “events”.
Blogging imposes almost a duty to be present.
And a consequence is that I get reconised and I am usually uncomfortable with that. Indeed on Thursday night, I was asked pleasantly if I was a Blogger and I became really too defensive about it.
Yet along with being recognised as a “face”, I get recognised as my real name.
Yes I admit it …My real name is NOT FitzjamesHorse.
The serious Bloggers…Mick for example are to their credit, known by their real names.
It befits “public figures” not least where professionalism, career and reputation are issues.
I dont think I am a “public figure” Not by any standard. Yet I dont feel restrained by “security issues”. Rather its a case of being involved in other things of a non-political nature.

I have hinted too much recently that this Blog is likely to be more “limited” in the future. It was never intended to be the full days work that it has turned out to be.
Ironically I will be stepping back (can I REALLY mean that?) as I take on at least one other project.
At least thats the idea.
To those of you who actually read this Blog. …Thank you.
To those of you who actually comment on this Blog….Thank you.

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19 Responses to Happy Anniversary “Czar”

  1. MPG ..... says:

    Actually, the thanks comes from us!
    I know its time consuming but keep it coming as best you can.

  2. bangordub says:

    Congratulations on your second anniversary 🙂
    May I suggest that you perhaps try to blog a set number of times per week?
    It would be a loss to wider debate here and the bloggerati in general were you to go too quiet. I echo MPG’s remarks above.
    I also think the fact that you have retained your radicalism and still get angry about things is brilliant. I can only aspire to that. It is the best way to be.
    You didn’t think you’d have a quiet retirement did you?

    • Retirement is a strange thing.
      I was ready to retire in 2005 but was glad to be occupied when I went back to QUB.
      I did not actually enjoy the experience in a social sense. Queens is a very bad place to be a “mature” student.
      In 2009 I sas just glad to graduate and not really too annoyed that there were no jobs available.
      But really for the last two or three years…progressively…I have been at a loose end.
      its like I have a “second wind”
      Cant really agree with limiting the number of posts I write.It might improve Quality but “events” happen and need a response.
      Besides I am the kinda “writer” that needs to be constantly writing.
      If I have “time ” I blog. If “time” is not available, I wont blog.

  3. Pepsi says:

    As Bangordub says, it’d be a real loss if other commitments kept you away from here but it’s your life Fitzy! Do whatever makes you happy.

    This is a great site and gives a much needed constitutional Irish republican perspective from the six counties, with which I fully associate myself with. Anyway, keep up the great work for as long as you can, in the best tradition of anti-partitionist, anti-‘normalisation’, anti-“orrr time, orr place, orrr Rory”, constitutional republicanism.

    p.s. I see a lot of Seamus Mallon in you 😉

  4. factual says:

    Well done.
    I have found that one-man blogs have a life cycle, few are sustained for a long time.

    I have enjoyed your blog.

    I hope I make a worthwhile contribution in the comments zone bringing a perspective from south of the border.

  5. dedeideoprofundis says:

    I was only codding when I said you were Paul Whatshisname MBE, I know that you’re really James Fitzhorse MBE, anyway it’s been a pleasure finding you and best wishes with your next project, Letsgetalongerists Reunited.

  6. Happy Anniversary to you too FJH, a great blog and a great read.

  7. Congrats! Great blog and one that brings a generational view to politics that is much needed. In today’s “ever-present” culture we need historical perspective. That is what I take the most from the Czar. The cyclical nature of history and politics in Ireland and of forces and movements at work. That insight would genuinely be missed.

    • Thanks…and also thanks for your insights over much of the two years.
      I think that the POLITICS is over-stated and the HISTORY understated.
      People talk about a Decade of Centenaries.
      For me…its a Decade of Half Cetenaries.
      This period of Passivity is not very different from the 1960s….when Paisleyites blocked streets and a beleaguered Unionist Prime Minister was talking about Outreach while being undermined by his own Cabinet.

      I am expecting Peter Robinson to ask the question “What Kind of Ulster (sic) do you want?”

  8. Derek says:

    Hi Fitz
    I for one will be disappointed to see any reduction in your blogging. I’m a regular reader of your contributions and enjoy engaging with your perspective. That being said I understand if other commitments get in the way.

    I first noticed you as a commentator on Slugger and wondered if you were the Horseman from Ulster’s Doomed. A bit of googling led me to your site and I later discovered you were a different kind of horseman. I’m glad I found it.

  9. James M says:

    Belated congrats FJH

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