Harry Oh?

Good to see that Sheldon (on Slugger O’Toole) is chronicling the travails of West Belfast man Harry Fitzsimons.
He has recently been extradited from Senegal to Italy, where the feds are anxious to talk to him about some Italian dodginess.
Harry was an IRA man convicted in the 1970s for bombing the Woodburn Hotel (of blessed memory).
I hope its not an attempt to embarrass anyone. Sheldon would not do that. He does have an unfortunate tendency to note court appearances of family members of politicians.
He has manfully resisted the temptation to tell us that Harry is in fact the father of a wannabee politician here.
It would of course be inconsistent of Slugger O’Toole to say that this kinda linkage is only appropriate in the case of Sinn Fein and not appropriate when it involves a high profile member of a Party approved by Slugger and Sheldon.
I suppose the only way to test this unworthy theory would be to mention Harrys connexion to the high profile politician. But I personally dont see the relevance of naming the politician.
And why give Sheldon the satisfaction of waving a yellow card?

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7 Responses to Harry Oh?

  1. Fear Feirsteach says:

    Who is this Sheldon you refer to? Surely not he who makes bread for a living!?

    Re: the person you’re referring to, and more specifically, her political association with a high-profile politician, you can bet you bottom dollar the UUP and DUP will be making great play of it that days to come. Unless of course, the lesser-known associate falls on her sword.

  2. Fear Feirsteach says:

    Wish there was an edit facility
    “will be making great play of that in days to come”

  3. Pepsi says:

    You probably know this, but just in case you don’t: Sheldon is, in fact, connected to a senior politician in the ‘mid-Ulster’ area – while Sheldon’s mother was a local councillor!

  4. wendal says:

    Forgive me but who is the daughter and what is the relationshion with the sdlp? Lastly who is pb or sc?

    • PB and SC are the same person.
      He is a contributor to the Slugger O’ Toole website.
      I can only speak about SC. I cant give the oxygen of publicity to PB. 😉
      SC is Sheldon Cooper a character in The Big Bang Theory. We mean it affectionately …apparently. SC is fascinated by Spacemen and NASA and has a touching belief that everyone is as fascinated by it as he is.
      The Slugger contributor seemingly enjoys court cases which embarras republicans… harry Fitzsimons is a former republican prisoner. He is wanted in Italy to discuss a fraud or whatever.
      Slugger has previously drawn attention to the jailing (in London for fraud)of a neice of SF MP Conor Murphy.
      In the post on Harry Fitzsimons, Slugger made no mention that his daughter is Chair of a political party that Slugger likes better than Sinn Fein.
      I wont name her here. She has been identified in a Sunday newspaper. But I dont think its fair to do so here. She cant be in any way be held responsible. As Conor Murphy cant be held responsible for his neices fraud.
      PB…whose threads might be reasonably described as anti-nationalist is the son of a former SDLP councillor in the Mid Ulster area.

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