Keeping An Eye On The Mayor Of Belfast

I like to think I am as cultured as the next man….as long as it doesnt involve Opera, Ballet, Classical Music, Sculpture, Painting and Poetry….Oh and Mime Artists. ESPECIALLY Mime Artists.
I love Belfast. Its part of who I am.
But my Uncle Jackie would be laughing his leg off at the notion of a Poet Laureate for Belfast.
Its always worrying when a Politician has a VISION.
But I wish Mairtin O’ Muilleoir well.
Ive never met him….but he seems to evoke a certain amount of HOSTILITY.
He is of a certain age…and one of the few senior Sinn Fein figures of that certain age not to have a whiff of cordite about him. Of course Sinn Fein is bringing on a generation of people who are much too young to have been “involved”
But Mairtin seems to get some flak from moderate nationalists and letsgetalongerists. The implication is that he should know better than to get mixed up with Sinn Fein.
And he doesnt seem that popular with the ex-prisoners.

But he is certainly worth watching for eleven months.In addition to the Czar of Russia, I will be keeping an eye on the Mayor of Belfast.

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4 Responses to Keeping An Eye On The Mayor Of Belfast

  1. factual says:

    I wonder what his intentions are in politics. He seems a capable person, who has done well in business, and could bring a lot of useful talent to the Finance Committee, or the Enterprise Committee. I wonder if he aims to move to be an MLA or MP? For South Belfast, for instance.

  2. anewdawn says:

    I think its worth remembering he gained a seat for Republicans in Balmoral and did so at the expense of the DUP.

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