Problems With Site?

Mick has kindly pointed out that he has a problem accessing site in recent days.
Im curious to know if anyone else is having a problem.
As you all probably know I do not pay Word Press for hosting this Blog.
There is a PAID “premium” service that I dont use.
It might just be that the traffic over the past few days is causing a problem.

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16 Responses to Problems With Site?

  1. pippakin says:

    I use wordpress a lot, sometimes connecting can be slow but that as far as I know applies to all blogs not this one in particular.

  2. kalista63 says:

    I’ve had no problems with the site.

    Slugger is playing up again, though.

  3. Pepsi says:

    I haven’t had any problems. (That said, the UPC propaganda vehicle has been very difficult to access at times over the past few months.)

  4. kalista63 says:

    I think you should pay and upgrade. I suggest we send Bangordub to raise funds in the docks when the long haul sailors come in.

  5. Niall O'Donnell says:

    I check your blog daily, on my phone, from the USA. I haven’t had any problems.

  6. Mick says:

    With Slugger it’s the sheer size of the site… Takes ages to serve eleven years of pages…

    • To be fair, Slugger is a massive achievement.
      On the nursery slopes of the Czar, it is getting to be a full time job.
      Ironic…poetic justice even, that it started out almost two years ago because I had far too much time on my hands.
      Now I have none.

      (And this is not my only Blog)

  7. factual says:

    I have had no problems whatsoever with the site. Moreover, whereas to post on Slugger, one has to register, one does not have to do that here. It is more user-friendly, in that sense, than Slugger

    “Keeping an Eye” is an excellent blog site. Keep it up.

  8. kilclunylooney says:

    No problem with fitz, bdub, seamus or enda, but unable to access mick for well over a week. Maybe I’m barred????

  9. Theresa says:

    I never have any problems accessing the site. I only have problems now and again with Slugger. Whilst I know it must take time to keep up the blog, FJH, I would be extremely disappointed if you became only and occasional blogger. You don’t need to post long blogs; short ones can be just as effective and thought provoking. I realise moderation can be time consuming especially with the readership growing. Is there anyone else who could moderate comments for you? Maybe some guest posts from other like thinking friends would ease the burden too?

    • Are you volunteering for a guest blog, Theresa? 😉
      In the next couple of months, I will be undertaking something time consuming.
      I like the blog to quirky which means some blogs are not entirely serious.
      There is a “brand” that I like.
      But I find that I need to blog at least once a day.

      • Theresa says:

        Lord, FJH, what would a dual nationalist write about? You have to remember I am of Irish Nationalist descent, born in Scotland into an Irish Nationalist culture but I am also a Scottish nationalist busy campaigning for a YES vote in 2014.

        I’m more of a boring factual writer but I do have a sense of humour. I am probably quirky, verging on the eccentric, but that’s allowed when you are a person as old as I am! I’m even older than you! I don’t know that I could write for your blog, though.

        However, I have been a moderator on Blog sites before and am pretty good at that. I know for your site definitely no Alliance commenters welcome!

  10. Never had any problems with Czar myself. I find WordPress very reliable. I doubt the trouble is site-related. Anyone having issues should try Chrome as their browser of choice with WP sites/blogs (indeed, in general!). If already using Chrome/IE try deleting browser history, deleting cookies, etc.

    Sometimes browsers get clogged up with all sorts of crap.

    I’d be interested in seeing exactly what it is that people are seeing on their screens when they can’t visit (the site reporting as down, not available, etc.).

    On going “premium” on WP, I doubt its required but having your own internet domain (“” etc.) is good for traffic and search engines if reaching out to a greater audience is the objective.

    That said most blogs do tend to die a natural death as people move on or they get too much to cope with. I struggle all the time with answering the numerous Comments, emails, tweets, etc. I get. Sometimes it is a burden. Popularity is a blessing and a curse 😦

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