The Nationalist Case Is Better Than The Unionist Case

One of the difficult things about being a Blogger is that some things occasionally happen which puts the committed Nationalist, Unionist and LetsGetalongerist on the back foot.
There are some things about which I dont like to blog.
The whole point of this “Keeping An Eye On The Czar of Russia” is to advance the cause of Republicanism, Socialism and Nationalism. But anything that shows up bad behaviour, error, incompetence, malice or division is necessarily something which makes me uncomfortable.
Anything that exposes bad behaviour, error, incompetence malice or division in LetsGetAlongerist or Unionist ranks …these are stories that I love.
Simply put…if I have a bad case to make….I dont blog about it. Tick “X” for No Publicity.
So why is there a perception that there are few unionist bloggers.
Why is there a perception that nationalists outnumber unionists in the Blogosphere?
Obviously there is an element of unionist paranoia.
But maybe its just a case that the unionist “case” is so much weaker than the “nationalist” case and few want to make the case.

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8 Responses to The Nationalist Case Is Better Than The Unionist Case

  1. kilclunylooney says:

    So why is there a perception that there are few unionist bloggers
    Is Ulster Press Centre’s paronoia pricking your conscience? BTW, what has happened to Mick’s blog, another unionist realising there’s no case to make?

  2. Irish Aussie says:

    Rank stupidity would have to be a contributing factor, wouldn’t it?
    I know you are not supposed to say things like that in polite society but I doubt I’m the only one thinking that.
    Which reminds me what’s happened to Factual, have you banned her?

  3. Political Tourist says:

    Is it possible to be a ‘unionist blogger’ without coming across as a raving bigot.
    The minute anybody starts blogging about parades, flegs and our culture i know i start thinking, here we go, another space cadet.

    • Necessarily if you blog…its a bit like being a member of a political party…you have to try and defend your philosophy and/or party.
      Ultimately too much of unionism (marching, bonfires, culture, history, Stormont 1922 onwards, paramilitarism, sectarainism) overshadows the simple wanting to part of the “UK”.

  4. kalista63 says:

    Looking at A Tangled Web and Nelsy’s ego blog, it’s far better they leave it to us who have had the benefit of the superior Catholic education system 🙂

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