Cola Wars…Culture Wars

I obviously dont drink anything that involves the word “DIET” but I could not resist buying this bottle of DIET COKE.
Like a lot of families with young children/grandchildren we are looking out for Coca Cola bottles with family names. Indeed my son has sent an email to Coca Cola as apparently they will issue bottles with unusual names. One of my grandchildren has an uncommon name.
The increasing “Irishness” of names over the course of my lifetime has been very interesting.
But the current Coca Cola campaign has thrown up this. Irish readers of the blog will know that “Saoirse” means “Freedom”.
This is a whole new front in the Culture Wars.
I hope Willie Frazer is on the case.

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26 Responses to Cola Wars…Culture Wars

  1. Theresa says:

    I must check to see if there are any in Scotland with Saor Alba on them! Failing that, I will bring some back from Norn Irn when I’m there next week, with Saoirse on them. We’ll be just as happy with that.

  2. Political Tourist says:

    Irish names on coke bottles.
    Just another attack on unionist culture.
    Next thing you know Nationalists and Republicans will be running the Goverment.
    What next, Rangers going bust!!!
    Oops that already happened.

  3. james says:

    Why do you not drink things with “diet” is that only for fat people?

    • I think its generational.
      In my youth, there was no Diet Coke. Or Weightwatcher meals.
      Anytime I have sipped a Diet Coke, I have found it tasteless.
      Just to add that about an hour ago, I was discussing food labels with my wife and daughter-in-law and thought I should blog about it.

    • Interesting aside on the use of the word ‘diet’ by Coca Cola, you’ve probably noticed of late the introduction of their product Coke Zero? It’s aimed specifically at young men while Diet Coke is now (marketing wise at least) the sole preserve of women which wasn’t always the case. Unfortunately for Coca Cola, in Latin America any of their products which had the word ‘Diet’ in front of them were immediately associated with women and LGBT folks. They spent large sums trying to correct this impression to no avail hence they simply gave up and created a near identical new product aimed squarely at waist line conscience gents.

  4. Political Tourist says:

    Did you notice as many large people in the 1960/70s as you do now.

    • I never really noticed.
      I blame football replica shirts.
      And McDonalds.
      The first time I was ever in a McDonalds in Ireland was in October 1983…Grafton Street in Dublin ans I recall cos our first child was only 8 weeks old and there was a bunch of schoolgirls fussing round him. There had been McDonalds in London for a few years.
      The first replica football shirt I ever bought was in May 1985 for the same child.
      That was the first time replica shirts really became available in sports shops.
      must emphasise that our almost 30 yr old son is a lightweight.
      But the combination o McDonalds Nd replica shirts makes people fat and look fat.

  5. factual says:

    I joined a gym (it is not too expensive if you actually use it regularly) and do exercise for about 1hr each afternoon as well as swimming. Its good to keep fit. Monitoring your heart rate when on the tread mill makes sure you push yourself but not too much.

    But for weight loss the most important issue is not the gym at all but rather to watch what you eat FJH. Keep clear of Coke or Diet Coke: neither are good for you but NEVER drink Coke it is so calorie intensive. Keep out of McDonalds. And don’t eat pre-prepared meals.

    Always carry a bottle of water and drink plenty.

    But regardless of the composition of what you eat the absolutely simple truth is that there is just one thing to do to keep weight down: watch calories. Keep calories down to a low level.

    • Factual…Welcome back.
      I am not overweight.

      • factual says:

        Have you computed your BMI and looked it up in the government’s official chart to determine whether you are in the official overweight region for your height? A very large number lot of people don’t realise they are in the overweight region.

      • I am NOT overweight…sheesh.
        How about yourself?

      • factual says:

        I bet if you do the maths and look it up you may find you are closer to overweight (or overweight) without realising it. I am not overweight but I work out regularly and avoid eating too much.

        Take the test here at the NHS site:

      • Theres a great machine in BOOTS for that.
        Give over.
        I am NOT overweight. I have been compared with George Clooney.
        Not favourably…but I have been compared.

      • Hey Factual, good to hear from you, I’d thought you’d left us for a while.

        You are, in fact, correct, its not about how much running you do but what you eat. I go to the gym pretty much as much as you do and for about 18 months saw little results regarding my weight (i’m not massive but I just wanted to improve upon perfection), I just cut out a few things (bread, pasta and rice) et voila, lost a few kgs without a problem.

        FJH, you are most definitely not overweight, Factual, I can vouch for that!

      • Thanks for that FC.
        I am an Adonis.

      • Well, maybe his brother…


        Oiche mhaith y’all!

  6. factual says:

    FC what do you think is good to eat after gym, to stop tiredness, but without offsetting the effects of the exercise? Fruit and protein? I take a little fruit/veg and a small amount of porridge, which I think has protein.

    Bread I think should be avoided, you were right to cut that.

    • It’s a bit rare for me to be asked for advice but I believe almonds are good (unsalted of course) for you. In reality, you want to be getting some protein into you but if you’re using the shakes it can get monotonous after a while and it plays havoc with flatulence *ahem*.

      TBH Factual, I am the last person anyone should ask about that area. In many ways, because I live something of a transient life routine is a bit difficult for me because I am focused on the next move and what you eat requires stability and preparation, hence I don’t eat what I should after the gym (why buy protein and other supplements when I will have to move and I have to keep my baggage allowance to 25kg or less) but mainly consists of me cutting things out.

  7. factual says:

    FJH I am glad to hear you are not overweight.

    How do you maintain that? Is it just diet or also active iifestyle?

    • I think I owe my weight to the fact that I have never cooked a meal in my life.
      I just sit around the house all day, waiting for Mrs FJH to come home and feed me.
      I am an active blogger. Not sure how many calories in burns up.
      I have never been in a gym in my life.
      But I have run two marathons and several shorter runs.
      At school I ran cross country.
      And I played Chess….so I qualify as a “jock”.

      • factual says:

        Running is good for weight loss in that it burns calories (especially if you don’t reward yourself with too many calories afterwards). That must explain it. And perhaps your wife does not give you the wrong portion sizes or types of food etc. Regarding Chess, FJH, I have often wondered if mental activity uses up calories; certainly you can get tired after a lot of mental work such as doing difficult maths exercises for example.

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