Home From Mayo

So I was in County Mayo. What did I miss?
Orange Order was stupid.
Nigel Dodds got hit on the head…a brick thrown by supporters.
Police dont really get stuck in.
And very few arrests.
PSNI issue vague threat that there will be more arrests. But I suspect that if they all go home, the PSNI will forget about it all.
A “bad marching season” is a good one for nationalists.
There are TWO losers.
The Orange Order and their supporters.
Less obviously, it has been a massive blow to “letsgetalongerists” and the narrative of City of Culture, Titanic, Our Rory, MTV Awards, G8…. NORMALITY has been shot to pieces.
Shame on letsgetalongerists who tried to accomodate Orange Hatred.

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9 Responses to Home From Mayo

  1. Political Tourist says:

    Nobody was killed, we should be grateful for that, although Nigel was a close one.
    How would that have been explained had the worse happened i don’t know.
    As for the letsgetalongists i’d guess they go into hiding at this time of year.
    Did you not meet any in Mayo?

  2. Political Tourist says:

    Tell me i heard wrong but i’m sure i heard somebody mention £16 entrance fee for an adult and £9 for a child.
    For a ship that sank the first time out.
    Think i’d rather watch a riot with Carrickally down the Short Strand.
    At least that’s free.

    • On 10th May last year…60th birthday. Mrs FJH and Self were in Belfast (my first experience with a bus pass).
      We took a trip over to the Titanic Quarter.
      We walked around the Ground Floor Gift Shop. We did not pay to see the Exhibit. I cant remember the exact admission fee but it was too expensive. We decided we wouldnt bother.

    • Séamus says:

      Last I heard it was £14.75 per adult, £7.25 per child (under 16) and £10.50 per senior.

  3. One day we are going to hear your ‘cunning plan…’ Until that far off day…


  4. anewdawn says:

    Our time our place wrecked https://www.facebook.com/LoyalistsAgainstDemacracy

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